Burning Calories! – The Celery Myth

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The Google Dictionary defines “diet” as the kinds of food that a person, animal or community habitually eats

It is that time of the year. Change your bad habits and get healthy then you will be happy. Most weight-loss diets are started this week. Now a days, we think of a “diet” (the noun) as a special thing for our health but usually to lose weight. And there are so many different types of weight-loss diets to choose from. I’ve tried most of them.


No matter what “diet” you are on, you can’t lose weight unless you burn calories. You have to burn more calories than you take in. Take celery, for example. Celery is an excellent source of vitamin K and molybdenum. It is a very good source of folate, potassium, dietary fiber, manganese and pantothenic acid. Celery is also a good source of vitamin B2, copper, vitamin C, vitamin B6, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids). But, a stalk of celery provides 6 calories to the body, but the body expends only half of a single calorie digesting it. So celery does not burn more calories to digest than you take in.

Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour.

The good news, now-a-days, is that you do not have to count calories to go on a weight loss diet. You can choose a special diet where you do not eat any carbohydrates. You can only eat vegetables.  You can do the Paleo, Atkins or Bullet Proof diets. If you want to see how many diets there are or different kinds just Google “weight loss diets”. Thousands!

Every time you lick a stamp, you’re consuming 1/10 of a calorie.

But you can burn calories in many different ways. The best is exercise. But it then comes back to calories burned vs. calories eaten. You can burn off that stick of celery by standing up from your chair. These kinds of foods are actually called “Negative Calorie Foods”. Definitely this is a misnomer but understandable and smart! These foods: celery, berries, grapefruit, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, apples, zucchini, broccoli and lettuce are all accepted as foods that I can eat in any quantities. They are not white foods. 

Salade sundae

Oh well, it’s back to the dieting mentality. But this year I’m calling it “The Healthy Mentality” and it will encompass a holistic approach to losing weight, eating right and getting healthy. Currently my pain is gone and I am off heavy narcotics for the first time in years. It’s a start. Oh, crap! I’m supposed to include mental health in there, too. We’ll see if I can find some euphoric foods that burn calories. Oh yeah, I’m out of celery!

Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane





What To Do With All The Holiday Goodies?

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It is now the second day of January and traditionally the day we take all the decorations down and put them away. I don’t think that is going to be a problem. The problem is what to do with all the leftover Christmas goodies. christmasgoodiesmailbox

The wine and booze are definitely not an issue. What is left, and there is much less than I expected, can be kept for other occasions such as Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons in March. But what about the chocolates, cookies, candies, chips, crackers (I’m”c-ing” a pattern here), cheeses, sausage and pop. We have had so much there is even a full, unopened box of chocolates in the spare bedroom.

OK, the extra pumpkin Christmas pudding is in the freezer for a special occasion within the next month. I’ll add the leftover whipped cream into Norm’s hot chocolate until our doctor reads him the riot act. I see her today so I know what my lecture will be about. I’m never mad at her, Dr. Michele Fretz is fantastic! She is a good model of how to be healthy. Oh yeah, back to the recovery phase of holidays. I guess I could take the chocolates to work but I won’t be back there until the end of January. life-is-like-a-box-of-chocolates-1-andee-photographyMaybe the food bank. Yeah, that would be a nice post-Christmas surprise. They only accept unopened food so I could also give them the extra boxes of crackers from the cheese balls we haven’t eaten, yet. Maybe the pop, too, even though pop is bad and I would be encouraging others to drink pop. gold cokeI’ll keep all the club soda to add to my juice and think my mocktails are “good” for me. Norm can keep his “Gold” Coke for a once-in-a-while refreshment. Gold Coke has no calories or caffeine, just lots of chemicals.

You know this perusing and planning is just the first phase of “get healthy in 2018”. It’s hard to be really good or even “try-to-be-good” when your coffee table is always covered with great art and snacks.  I sit across the room from the food so it is not within arm’s reach but Norm is very helpful by throwing me things (except BBQ’d peanuts) when he thinks I crave them.Coffee table I was brought up to never waste food. I cannot throw out still edible candy, cookies, chips and dip etc. or leftover food. The turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes are long gone. I didn’t even make turkey soup this year, just turkey stock that I can cook with and have no guilt.

My “No White Food Diet” starts this coming weekend after a Friday “purge the carbs” pizza. I’ve started to stock up on veggies, fruit and eggs. I will need more bacon, tuna and low carb rye crackers. I wonder what the carb count from the cheese balls is? Oh well, I’ll work it out. I even have a new food journal for 2018. That also will start after this Friday.

Thanks for listening!   ;D   Diane

New Year’s Eve Day

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boxerYes, it is December 31st and the sun is just rising on New Year’s Eve Day. I was sitting here wondering when the actually New Year’s Eve Celebrations begin? Theoretically, eve starts at 6pm but I’m full of anticipation already. I think media and advertising have made holidays like New Years and Christmas into week-long, even month-long festivals of buying.

What do I need for New Year’s Eve? Traditionally people stay up until midnight and celebrate the transition into the new year. So, I need: fancy clothes; fancy food; fancy drink; some kind of fancy celebration and maybe fireworks. I had my left shoulder replaced with a new, upscale model and am still recovering so dancing is out. But dinner and something like a movie would be fun. Sitting in front of the TV all night is the same old same old. We talked and decided; we are going to Turmeric for supper and the late show for Star Wars.

Oh yeah, I forgot about resolutions. It is a tradition to start up a whole list of things I will resolve to do this coming year that are better than what I did last year. Hmmm, I didn’t make a list last year and it was an overall crappy year. But, I think that had a lot to do with attitude and pain killers. But I will make a list this year. I don’t think they will be SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based). I would like them to be mindful and doable. I want to feel good about recording them and no guilt if I don’t stick to the list. One thing I do not need is guilt. Guilt has plagued me all this year. And as I wrote that I felt guilty for feeling guilty. Sigh! Top of the list.

I resolve for 2018 to do the following:

  1. Stop accepting guilt for everything I am not personally responsible for.
  2. Acknowledge the good in everyone.
  3. Love unconditionally.
  4. To do the things I encourage and inspire others to do.
  5. Forgive and move on.
  6. Think before letting the sarcasm or rage get out.
  7. Breathe and absorb the beauty of the world around me.
  8. Treasure all my friends and let them know it.
  9. Be honest when self-talking.
  10. Share the joy!

Wow, a big list but ethereal enough to sound positive and not self-deprecating. I know I am a good person and do anything I truly set my mind to. I have the strongest supports around me: my husband and daughters; my oldest friends; family; co-workers; doctors; new friends and of course, Facebook!

So, on that note and it’s a positive one, have a very happy New Year and all the best for 2018! Thanks for listening.







Christmas Crack and Sausage Dressing

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As I sat here at my kitchen table watching the snow fall, I realized it truly is winter. I live in Victoria, British Columbia – the tropics of Canada – usually. It seems Washington state send us an “unusual weather pattern” (their words not mine). It means that snow came to our island. It was close to 8cm (4 in US). Out came the barely used snow shovel and every bird in the neighbourhood to the feeder. We even have humming birds feeding at their feeder, too. Decorating the tree did not make it feel like Christmas was coming. Maybe it was the tree topper?Yoda

golden-grahams-treats-wm-640x425Me? I’m feeding as well. It won’t be long until the traditional Christmas dinner. So already the required Christmas treats are in the house. Shauna made Christmas Crack (Golden Grahams cereal embedded in white chocolate). It is highly addictive. Also on the coffee table are: mixed nuts (shelled with no peanuts), Nansi’s Chex mix (almost gone), mince tarts for Norm (I, for some strange reason, do not like mincemeat, I think it’s the dried currants), mixed candies and nice little blue napkins.

It is Christmas Eve Day (sigh!). The turkey is thawing; the Christmas pudding is steaming (it’s actually pumpkin pudding because I hate peel and dried currants); presents are wrapped; and I’ve posted the Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas Bell video. (Click on this then read the rest of my blog!) Sigh!

I should be making a cheese ball and some smoked salmon cream cheese but I’m a wee bit tired.  Cheese ballI’ll have some eggnog and rest a bit and quit “shoulding” on myself.

Tomorrow is the real test of a family and its traditions. And food is a biggy, starting as soon as we get up. Mimosas, coffee and Bailies, cinnamon buns with cream cheese icing. Shauna and Leanne will be here so maybe pancakes etc??? Later the preparing of the smashed potatoes. These are really just mashed potatoes with skins on. The mixing of the OJ and fireball for the yams. It’s OK because all the alcohol evaporates and the taste is divine. I always make a very special sausage dressing and this year I think the amount will be bigger than the turkey. The bird is only 8.5 pounds but I’m making way more dressing than will fit in that little bird. The original recipe came from a recipe booklet from Maple Leaf products. It also included the original for our cheese ball. But, like most things, we have adapted the recipes for us. Yogurt instead of sour cream for the cheese ball, chicken broth instead of butter – that kind of thing for the stuffing. I get my bread for the stuffing from Breadstuffs Bakery in Brentwood Bay. It is yam poppy seed and makes an amazing stuffing. Lots of celery leaves, onions (wilted) and Glenwood meat sausage make this stuffing spectacular. Then there is the thyme, rosemary and sage I grow myself.

Wow. I can see I’ve gone way overboard on the food talk. But isn’t Christmas the time of year for excesses like presents, donations, hugs, treats and love. This is a time for reflection on what Christmas really means. Not just the commercial pageant we have grown to expect but to look at what we need, what our children NEED and what the WORLD NEEDS! Love, understanding and heart. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others. I’m still having a difficult time doing almost everything one-handed but, with the love and support so many have been sending me, I will send out waves of caring and love to all. Have a very merry Christmas and don’t dread the new year. It’s new!

Thanks for listening.



Justified Weight Gain or Single-Handed Comeback?

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Whew! Yep, I am not dead nor have I given up – yet. I’m currently recovering from another joint replacement. This time it was my left shoulder so, literally, I am typing this only with my right hand. Get it – single-handed? Simple Skeleton Drawing 1000 Images About Cute Skeleton Crafts For Kids On Pinterest

I now have 5 artificial joints – both hips (one twice), my right knee and both shoulders. It’s my cartilage, my bones are way too strong and wear the squishy padding to nothing then they create extra stuff (bone spurs) to compensate. Damn.

sailor moonIt has been a challenge every year or two to have these monstrous surgeries and months and months of re-hab. And I just found out that artificial joints weigh more than just bone. I guess this is justified weight gain? And, yes, I set off security alarms in airports. But I can move without a wheelchair.

I am truly grateful for medical advances, unbelievable surgical techniques, the people who do them, nice medications and a medical system that takes care of all the cost. Well, most of it.

Now, I get to take time off to heal. I don’t have much stamina and pain-killers are still one of my best friends. But, I do miss my students and co-workers. Daytime TV sucks and I haven’t got the stamina to watch more than two episodes of the same show in a row on Crave or Netflix. Sigh, sounds like whining again.Mince tarts

It’s near Christmas so the “feasting” has begun but I haven’t stockpiled baking from before surgery but I’m not missing it, yet. Norm does miss the mincemeat stuff but I know stores that have those amazing tarts. But he has to drive because I’m not allowed to…yet.

Thank you for all the messages asking me if I’d quit writing this blog and to not quit but keep it going. It’s support like that that keeps me going. (I’ve always wanted to write a double word sentence that really works.) I’m going to try and keep myself in line and on line. And, if it all works out right, keep you all amused or at least pondering if I’m nuts or not.

Thanks for listening and welcome to the holidays! Diane Kirby




Wonder Woman Wonders

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My daughter, Leanne, took me to see Wonder Woman yesterday for my Mother’s Day present. It was spectacular! We both love the character and the way she is portrayed in 2017 does her justice. But boy, has she changed since I was a girl. I will say, though, I like leather better than spandex and satin. I also really like that she is now international not just American. I read a lot when I was a kid and comics were way up there. But it may explain why a woman’s self image is warped from the very beginning.

If you look at the pictures above from the ’50’s to 2017, you’ll notice something. The modern Diana actually shows less skin. I know what you’re going to say, “You think you are her because of your name.” That is sort of true, and I have been a sword matron when needed. Diana is the name of the Roman goddess of the hunt and the moon. In Greece, of which the modern Diana is created from, the Goddess Diana is named Artemis and is the sister of Ares. Nice name play. I’ll keep my name, I’m told it is the French spelling and I’m very partial to the moon.

But looking like Linda Carter, Gal Gadot or the original DC creation has not been a motivator to me. Maybe now that she is going to save the world from evil not just the US, I will lose some weight to fit into a nice leather two-piece with a blue skirt and wedgie boots. I may have to adjust the arm guards because of my huge hands but the lasso shouldn’t be a problem since I’ve worked hard with my whip from my Indiana Jones fixation.

So, I’m wondering if wanting to be Wonder Woman is a bad thing? Lots of girls and women take all kinds martial arts training. I took bokken (wooden samurai sword) training and it was a lot like ballet because you have memorize all the steps, moves and practice them forever. Exercise is good for us no matter why! I wonder what they ate in Themescyra for breakfast. I’ll opt for strawberries and yogurt today. I’ll make it Greek yogurt just to stay in the theme.

Thank for listening.   Diane – Wondering Woman


Coffee and Chocolate

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First, I want to apologize to all the people who regularly read my blog. As you have noticed, it hasn’t been regular for months. I’m back and feeling confident enough to expose my fatish views to the world! Yes, the warm weather had made me store/hide all my “multitude of sin” winter clothes. Now? Capris, tanks, tees, and even dresses. I’ve lost a couple of pounds over the last few weeks and I had a heart shake-up that turned out to be nothing, so I can do this. Thanks for listening and on to the real meat of the day. OK, not meat but other yummy stuff.

CoffeeRecently, there have been scientific reversals on how bad coffee and chocolate are for you. I was making my morning coffee and thoroughly enjoying that amazing aroma when I realized I drink at least 4 cups of coffee every day. I remember believing more than two cups a day was really bad for you. I don’t remember who said so or why but it was “general knowledge”. It turns out, that much coffee without sugar will help prevent Type 2 diabetes and is loaded with anti-oxidants! Yeah!!!! If you don’t believe me, try the Huffington Post. My biggest problem with coffee is that I have become a coffee snob. Around here there are as many specialty coffee roasting companies and there are artisan breweries. I truly enjoy dark, Italian roast coffee. Some stuff in restaurants needs cream, lots of cream to be drinkable but I still enjoy the caffeine!

cacao-vs-cocoaThen there’s cocoa, the basis of chocolate. It’s good for your heart, Who’d a thunk it? I read it in my local paper, The Victoria Times-Colonist. In Denmark there was a study of men with Atrial Fibrillation and those who consumed chocolate with more than 35% cocoa showed far fewer signs of the heart condition. And the Livestrong website also lists benefits such as: lower cholesterol, more serotonin, less depression, naturall lower blood pressure, and melatonin for great sleep. And hot cocoa has more anti-oxidants than red wine or tea. Well, I’m not ready to give up my red wine yet but I really like dark chocolate melting slowly on my tongue.

It is refreshing to learn that things that were considered bad for us now are found to be not only life preserving but good for us! So, I’m going to finish my third cup of West Coast Dark roast, finish this post and get ready for a blood pressure check at my doctor’s. Take care and Thanks for listening!


coffee stupid

Chocolate linked to reduced heart risk (Times Colonist, May 30 2017, PageC5)

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Chocolate linked to reduced heart risk
Times Colonist
May 30 2017

Medical researchers have identified a compound that might reduce your risk of a dangerous type of heart rhythm that can lead to strokes, dementia, heart failure and early death. In a study of more than 55,000 Danish men and women who were tracked for…read more…


Emotional Eating – Omni Style

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To say I am an emotional eater is an understatement. Any emotion I have will make me eat. And I mean MAKE me. We have all heard the old saying that stressed is desserts spelled backwards. So that makes it OK to eat.

But it isn’t just stress that makes me eat or even crave food. When I feel anything, I want, no, need to eat. Lately I’ve been trying to work out which emotions trigger which food cravings.

emotion-listHappy – Bread
Sad – Sandwich
Worried – Crackers with something on top
Lonely – Hickory Stix, lots of them
Bored – Fruit and yogurt (OK some of the cravings are healthy)
Angry – Chips
Pained – Jamieson’s
Anxious – Cheese
Love – StrawberriesDisgusted – Nuts
Thoughtful – Home baking
Regretful – Chocolate (preferably Kit Kat Chunky)
Satisfied – Nothing (but it doesn’t last long)

Of course one of the hardest things to do is to be aware of which emotion I’m feeling and how do I dial back the craving and not, I repeat, NOT eat. Just looking at the list has helped me stop omni-emotional eating. OK, I haven’t stopped yet but I’m learning and what I’m learning most is what I am feeling at any given moment.

the_self_perpetuating_cycle_of_emotional_eating-28-18382I’ve been told that food, especially comfort food, should give pleasure. That’s why we call it “comfort food”. I get pleasure, guilt, anger and sometimes nothing emotionally. So what happens then? I get stressed. Stress is a soup of emotions. And yes, it triggers major food cravings, even when my stomach (what is left of it) feels like it is falling through the floor.

So, to control my omni-emotional eating I must identify my emotions then consciously avoid the food trigger in my internal programming. I have programmed myself to avoid emotions by eating, OR, maybe I’m rewarding myself for feeling something? That actually makes more sense.

Well, If I slow down and identify what the hell is going on I also can tune down or maybe eliminate the bad self talk and do good talk. By taking control of my situations and food intake I can feel better about myself. Seriously, I have been doing this procedure for a variety of reasons – depression, anxiety, stress, physical pain and just plain attention-getting. I’m feeling better already. As I re-read this blog post I feel successful and will go have breakfast. Oh oh.

Thanks for listening.   ;D   Diane

My Resolution Revolution – SMART Goals

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I did not write one resolution this January 1st! This was my most promising accomplishment of the new year. Resolutions have created many closed or closing doors to me and have caused undo stress and worry and, I am trying not to have these two things in my life right now.


Times-Colonist – 8 January 2017

I like this cartoon because it truly reflects what many of us do at the beginning of the year. I often feel put upon because I have two beginnings every year. There is the traditional New Year and then there is the September start of school. Both are great times to take stock and make resolutions for my future. But are the SMART?

smart-goalsSMART are goals that I can set that can(will?) be achievable. I use them with students so they can work on the parts of their learning that are manageable. It can be very overwhelming when a goal is huge such as: “lose 25 pounds” or “graduate”. But if I make it specific (S) and measurable (M). I can agree and achieve (A) to lose a pound a week (T) in 6 months. These types of goals are much friendlier and harder to  sabotage. I’ve decided not to list my first 3 SMART goals in this post. I want to make sure I wrote them correctly and I’m always sensitive to those of you amazing readers who are better than I am at this and those who will support me no matter how good or bad I am.

I was off over Christmas and New Year’s Eve for 16 days and did not do a lot except baking and cooking. The holidays were very relaxed and comfy. Too many times the holidays become full of stress, bad calories and the seepage of money. My Mastercard is paid off. There is only turkey stock in the freezer as leftovers and I watched two Netflix series from start to finish. I DID NOT beat myself (or anyone else) up over treats, turkey, drinks, or lack of walks. I did not gain any weight. Or, if I did, it came on and off over the two and bit weeks.

I feel good about this year after the year from hell last year. So I WILL keep up with my postings and will make you smile with me in the coming months.


Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane

PS This is the Post-turkey No-guilt puppy!

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