Chocolate linked to reduced heart risk (Times Colonist, May 30 2017, PageC5)

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Chocolate linked to reduced heart risk
Times Colonist
May 30 2017

Medical researchers have identified a compound that might reduce your risk of a dangerous type of heart rhythm that can lead to strokes, dementia, heart failure and early death. In a study of more than 55,000 Danish men and women who were tracked for…read more…



Emotional Eating – Omni Style

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To say I am an emotional eater is an understatement. Any emotion I have will make me eat. And I mean MAKE me. We have all heard the old saying that stressed is desserts spelled backwards. So that makes it OK to eat.

But it isn’t just stress that makes me eat or even crave food. When I feel anything, I want, no, need to eat. Lately I’ve been trying to work out which emotions trigger which food cravings.

emotion-listHappy – Bread
Sad – Sandwich
Worried – Crackers with something on top
Lonely – Hickory Stix, lots of them
Bored – Fruit and yogurt (OK some of the cravings are healthy)
Angry – Chips
Pained – Jamieson’s
Anxious – Cheese
Love – StrawberriesDisgusted – Nuts
Thoughtful – Home baking
Regretful – Chocolate (preferably Kit Kat Chunky)
Satisfied – Nothing (but it doesn’t last long)

Of course one of the hardest things to do is to be aware of which emotion I’m feeling and how do I dial back the craving and not, I repeat, NOT eat. Just looking at the list has helped me stop omni-emotional eating. OK, I haven’t stopped yet but I’m learning and what I’m learning most is what I am feeling at any given moment.

the_self_perpetuating_cycle_of_emotional_eating-28-18382I’ve been told that food, especially comfort food, should give pleasure. That’s why we call it “comfort food”. I get pleasure, guilt, anger and sometimes nothing emotionally. So what happens then? I get stressed. Stress is a soup of emotions. And yes, it triggers major food cravings, even when my stomach (what is left of it) feels like it is falling through the floor.

So, to control my omni-emotional eating I must identify my emotions then consciously avoid the food trigger in my internal programming. I have programmed myself to avoid emotions by eating, OR, maybe I’m rewarding myself for feeling something? That actually makes more sense.

Well, If I slow down and identify what the hell is going on I also can tune down or maybe eliminate the bad self talk and do good talk. By taking control of my situations and food intake I can feel better about myself. Seriously, I have been doing this procedure for a variety of reasons – depression, anxiety, stress, physical pain and just plain attention-getting. I’m feeling better already. As I re-read this blog post I feel successful and will go have breakfast. Oh oh.

Thanks for listening.   ;D   Diane

My Resolution Revolution – SMART Goals

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I did not write one resolution this January 1st! This was my most promising accomplishment of the new year. Resolutions have created many closed or closing doors to me and have caused undo stress and worry and, I am trying not to have these two things in my life right now.


Times-Colonist – 8 January 2017

I like this cartoon because it truly reflects what many of us do at the beginning of the year. I often feel put upon because I have two beginnings every year. There is the traditional New Year and then there is the September start of school. Both are great times to take stock and make resolutions for my future. But are the SMART?

smart-goalsSMART are goals that I can set that can(will?) be achievable. I use them with students so they can work on the parts of their learning that are manageable. It can be very overwhelming when a goal is huge such as: “lose 25 pounds” or “graduate”. But if I make it specific (S) and measurable (M). I can agree and achieve (A) to lose a pound a week (T) in 6 months. These types of goals are much friendlier and harder to  sabotage. I’ve decided not to list my first 3 SMART goals in this post. I want to make sure I wrote them correctly and I’m always sensitive to those of you amazing readers who are better than I am at this and those who will support me no matter how good or bad I am.

I was off over Christmas and New Year’s Eve for 16 days and did not do a lot except baking and cooking. The holidays were very relaxed and comfy. Too many times the holidays become full of stress, bad calories and the seepage of money. My Mastercard is paid off. There is only turkey stock in the freezer as leftovers and I watched two Netflix series from start to finish. I DID NOT beat myself (or anyone else) up over treats, turkey, drinks, or lack of walks. I did not gain any weight. Or, if I did, it came on and off over the two and bit weeks.

I feel good about this year after the year from hell last year. So I WILL keep up with my postings and will make you smile with me in the coming months.


Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane

PS This is the Post-turkey No-guilt puppy!

Tequila Can Help Us Lose Weight!

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WOW! I was very skeptical when I first read this on Facebook.  The website article is: A New Study Shows That Drinking Tequila Could Actually Help You Lose Weight. 

agaveI read it and it made so much sense I researched it. Agave produces a great sweetener for everyone with special benefits for diabetics. Tequila is made from agave, therefore tequila is good for us. Agave syrup is full of agavins, a natural fructose that actually lowers blood sugar levels and makes us feel fuller – then we lose weight.


I’ve seen agave syrup in all my local grocery stores and there’s all kinds of tequila in the liquor stores, too. But I would worry about whatever I was mixing with my tequila. Most mixers are high in sugar, too. But I have discovered that tequila makes a great Caesar!

Tequila Caesar

45 ml (1 1/2 oz.) tequila
120 ml (4 oz.) Clamato juice
A few drops of Worcestershire sauce
A few drops of red Tabasco sauce
Ice cubes
Celery salt
1 lime quarter
1 drunken bean

Frost the rim of a highball glass with the celery salt.
Combine all the ingredients, except for the lime quarter and the bean, in a highball glass containing a few ice cubes. Stir using a mixing spoon.
Garnish with the lime quarter and drunken bean.

They are delicious and count as a vegetable serving, more if you add more beans. So I’m going to try the agave syrup instead of su

gar but I don’t personally use much sugar so it might have to be the tequila. As it is regular, distilled alcohol has no carbs so maybe I’ll end up a skinny alcoholic!

Thanks for listening and limit your alcohol!  ;D Diane






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wtfWTF  – Where’s the food? Diets are notorious for restricting what is available to eat. Then there are the Crave Morsels that call out to you and you go an extensive kitchen forage.  The fridge has some Leanne’s Favourite; a bit of unstuffed cabbage rolls (I’ll have that for breakfast); two mandarin oranges; two blocks of cheddar (for the Christmas cheese balls); but not anything I can just have by the handful. The carrots are wilty and going into the stew. Then the snack basket – chocolate coconut flakes (nah); whole grain tortilla chips (no salsa); and that’s all. It’s a relatively empty basket right now. See, I’m denying my salt craving. The bread basket only has bread in it. I’m not craving bread. OK, I’ll try the cupboard. Cereal; tons of things that need to be cooked or opened with a can opener; and crackers. Crackers might do but, now that I’m aware of my foraging, I feel guilty and will not be snacking right now.

How about the special Christmas goodies that are everywhere! Christmas Crave Morsels can be even worse, because they are available for a limited time. Nanaimo bars, peppermint bark, tarts, cookies, chocolates, veggie and shrimp rings. Sigh, there will be a lot of food but I’m delaying the baking, making and buying until the family complains – a lot of food.

By the way, are snacks really food or just empty calories? Thanks for letting have my mini rant. ;D   Diane

Fireball Yams – Happy Thanksgiving, American Folk

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yamsHere’s a present for everyone! No alcohol is in the finished product just flavor! ;D Diane

Diane’s Fireball Yams

2-3 pound of yams or sweet potatoes – peeled and cut into 1/2 inch pieces
dots of butter
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 ounce Fireball
1/2 ounce Cointreau or Triple sSec (don’t use Blue Curacao or you will get turquoise yams! Another story)

Slice the yams(sweet potatoes) into a single layer into a relatively shallow dish or casserole. Sprinkle with brown sugar and dot with butter over the whole thing.  Then, pour the Fireball and Triple Sec over the whole thing and add to the oven at 325/350 F for at least 1 hour!!!!  The alcohol evaporates but the flavour remains – big time!  Enjoy!


The Minefield of Marketing – Grocery Shopping

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I just came back from a quick run to the Super Store. I needed a prescription and had to kill 40 minutes before it would be ready. So, I picked up a few things that we needed, such as: toilet tissue, air freshener, a new winter sweater (it is a “super” store) and 50% off all Halloween candy. OK, I didn’t buy any more candy. We still have Hawkins Cheezies in perfect snack size bags and a few Hershey’s treats.Who can walk by a 50% off sign and at least ask themselves if we need it, whether we do or not?


And, Christmas oranges were on sale for less than $1 a pound. These are the only oranges I like. They are easy to peel (none of that gross bitter pith under my nails and edible fibre between sections not like regular oranges) as well as being sweet and juicy.

Grocery shopping is hard. Before we even get to the store we’ve already been swamped by so many advertisements on TV. Low fat margarine; healthy, genetically modified probiotic yogurt; and gluten free carrots are just a few of the products we’ve been told are good for our modern diets. Seriously, Hershey’s labeled their cocoa “fat-free”. Duh! if it had fat in it it would be chocolate not cocoa! Then there’s the new probiotic in Activia yogurt. In addition to the live bacterial cultures used to make all yogurt, Activia contains Bifidus Regularis, a trademarked name for an organism normally present in the human intestines called Bifidobacterium lactis DN-173 010.Now you cannot trade mark a living organism unless you have changed it. Yep, it is genetically modified, just a tiny bit, so they can trademark it. GMO and based on the same bacteria in human poop!

But, it is marketed very well. There are very happy cows on the west coast, TV tells us this so milk products and cheese here are good for you. Facebook wants us to buy 210 calorie “energy bars” with 7 grams of protein, 26 grams of carbohydrates and only 1 gram of fibre. Fibre is the good carbohydrate not sugar (the 26 grams)! And gluten is protein that is indigestible by people with celiac disease. It is not fattening, the starch carbs in wheat are what is fattening. Don’t eat it if you don’t want the weight!

Sigh. I bought some high carb grapes, good-carb oranges, fat-free carrots and newly approved for diabetics – coffee! I also bought a sweater that looks pretty good on me. That also happens when you’re out waiting for prescriptions and get bored, you buy things you really need.

Enough of this rant. Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane



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