April Showers Bring May Hours!

Happy May day, everyone. Here on the wet coast we have sunny sunshine, light winds and sweater temperatures. But…I’m still in my jammies and robe. I got up at 6:30am smiling at the light coming in the window. I started the coffee and even went out on the deck to soak up the sun. It was very chilly but very sunny. Back in and powered up the computer. Checked all 3 emails, warmed up Facebook and read the Times-Colonist in digital form. The paper tells me it is a really, weird world out there. Facebook tells me lots of people are up, coffee’s working for most of us and lets me post my mug of the day.

May be an image of coffee cup and text that says "Dear Middle Finger, thank you for sticking up for me."

I own way too many mugs but not these ones. I get most them on Pinterest and these say the things that make days start with smiles and sometimes laughter, too. But, I started my food day in a great way. One egg omelet with ham, mushrooms, celery, green onion and salsa. Hardly any carbs but lots of taste. It did take me an hour to finish it because I was perusing Facebook and the funny things they stick in. I also play lots of games and Poker seemed to be the one this morning. But I now need to get dressed. I think layers will be the choice, today.

Well, I went out! The price of gas went up – AGAIN! And now that I don’t have a Costco membership it was back to Co-op. Their price went up but I’ll get 5 cents on each litre back. We are such suckers!

Well, I didn’t have to wear my hoodie over my new T-shirt. It wasn’t that cold out. I’m looking forward to drinking ice tea (no sugar for me) on the deck and reading later this afternoon. Sitting in the gloom, on my little couch (the big couch is Norm’s) can get to be pretty monotonous. It definitely is not mood enhancing. I’ve gained a lot of weight in the last year and a half and I need to lose a lot. So I started walking a few months ago. I would use my walking poles for stability. I’m not very confident and sloping surfaces wear me out.

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But, I’m also very self-conscious about my weight , lack of deep-field vison, and needing poles. So, I don’t do much walking in my neighbourhood. Instead, I drive to someplace I like and walk as much as I can. Esquimalt Lagoon is one of my faves – very flat. But we have lots of places in and around Greater Victoria. When it comes to walking, I even consider doing all the aisles in Superstore as a “walk”.

With the sun coming up earlier, getting up before 6:30 is OK. I go to bed around 10 (early compared to 2 years ago) but 8 hours of sleep is great! It works for me and my time at the computer is better used now that I answer most of my emails and have restarted my blog. I like it!

Enough for today. Make the best of your hours, too! Love the life – Diane.

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on May 1, 2021.

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