My Beauty Queen Self!

 This is me as Miss Langford 1984 for Halloween a few years ago. I was pregnant with my second child and living Langford in 1984 but this was just a costume. I won a prize and it was truly fun to wear. My husband did make me clean off the black eye because when the kids came to the door, it just looked too real and he didn’t want a rep for spousal abuse.

This was a great example of using my size to my advantage. I was poking fun at Langford which used to have a reputation of being Victoria’s Dogpatch. I was poking fun at beauty pageants which, in real life, I truly despise. I was also poking fun at stereotypes. I had the bra-strap showing; the cut off Metallica sweatshirt; legwarmers and a scrunchie behind the crown. It was fun to go back 20 years or so.

I take myself way too seriously and my self-consciousness is truly a handicap. But I am in the process of owning my self and my choices. My clothes have not shrunk, I’ve grown and that’s not good. I’m becoming Greek yogurt queen instead. I also am one of those people who actually likes cottage cheese, sweet or savory. So I can lose the carbs. But as usual it’s hard to get over the fist couple of weeks without bread, potatoes, pyrogies, rice, pasta etc! See that, I got stuck on the starch. It becomes a consuming fixation for a couple of weeks. Sigh.

But, I’ll share my queeness. I learned I was a “Queen” when I was just 14 and pantyhose became available in all the stores at a price I could afford. I was Queen-size even then. It’s such a nice way to “Extra-large” or “2X”. My sizes gave gone from” huge” to just above “regular”. Sizes of clothes are all over the map. You have to try them on because 18 in one pair of jeans is not the same in another. More sighs. But, I’ll accept the royalty designation as my place in my life.

Now, I’ll deal with beauty. “Beauty is only skin deep.” As soon as I hit puberty my skin became a war zone. It cleared up many years ago but I now have rosacea.  Sigh! So I’ll look under my skin and fat. I have a mind, a heart, and spirit. They are all amazing and I can say that. At least I didn’t feel conceited when I wrote that, this time. The more times I say those things to myself the more I own them. I am beautiful, just not in a Miss Universe way. I also do not open-mouth smile unless I really mean it.  Watch for it.

That’s enough for today. It’s Friday and the temperature is going to 30 Celsius (for Fahrenheit, double it and add 30). Humidity and no wind will bump it up a little more. I want to get all my chores done before I melt.  So, drink lots of water and remember, we are all beautiful!

Thanks for listening!  Diane

Swimsuit competition

Actually, I look good in purple, too!

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on July 27, 2018.

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