What makes us want to lose weight, build good bodies and be healthy? What makes us stay on the right diet, exercise and be healthy? MOTIVATION!

trying-homerI have a ton of motivation to lose weight. I have lots of motivation to stick to a diet. I have many motivational ways to exercise. But…I need to rotate between all the different types of motivation to keep it fresh and effective.

STAYING ALIVE (Fear as a motivator):

I know, and have been told by many doctors, that if I do not get healthy I can die. Well, we all die, eventually, but they (and I) want me to have quite a few more years. I take great pride in no longer being morbidly obese and now am just obese. But, I do have diabetes (managed), high blood pressure (controlled) and severe osteoarthritis resulting in  the need for 5 artificial joints. I kind of take pride in being a “Bionic Woman”. I am alive – but …

FEELING GOOD (The carrot on the stick):

I feel good. At least I believe I do. What does “good” feel like? Is there no pain, no hunger, easy movement, happy thoughts, love all around? Who is to say what good is? Gosh, I have a lot of questions but they’re “good” questions. It is said (by everyone from my nephew who owns a gym to the lady sitting in my bariatric doctor’s office) is that losing all the bad weight will be good for me. I have

LOOKING GOOD (Hmm I’m not really sure about this one):of

I’ve always had a really bad self-image. And, did you know thainke t if you lose a crap load(metric measure) of weight you get a whole bunch of saggy leftover skin?

MENTAL STABILITY AND PEACE (Yeah right, prove it!):

If this is true, why are their people in the world who are anorexic?

FAME (I like this one):

To have achieved a goal and shared it with the world as I do with this blog. (Look out Oprah and Dr. Oz and maybe Dr Phchil, too.)

So I will do this for me.
The side effects:
– family will be less fearful of me checking out;
– I will have more energy, self esteem, and pride; and
– way more stuff to write about.

Thanks for listening! Diane Kirby

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on July 18, 2018.

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