Christmas Crack and Sausage Dressing

As I sat here at my kitchen table watching the snow fall, I realized it truly is winter. I live in Victoria, British Columbia – the tropics of Canada – usually. It seems Washington state send us an “unusual weather pattern” (their words not mine). It means that snow came to our island. It was close to 8cm (4 in US). Out came the barely used snow shovel and every bird in the neighbourhood to the feeder. We even have humming birds feeding at their feeder, too. Decorating the tree did not make it feel like Christmas was coming. Maybe it was the tree topper?Yoda

golden-grahams-treats-wm-640x425Me? I’m feeding as well. It won’t be long until the traditional Christmas dinner. So already the required Christmas treats are in the house. Shauna made Christmas Crack (Golden Grahams cereal embedded in white chocolate). It is highly addictive. Also on the coffee table are: mixed nuts (shelled with no peanuts), Nansi’s Chex mix (almost gone), mince tarts for Norm (I, for some strange reason, do not like mincemeat, I think it’s the dried currants), mixed candies and nice little blue napkins.

It is Christmas Eve Day (sigh!). The turkey is thawing; the Christmas pudding is steaming (it’s actually pumpkin pudding because I hate peel and dried currants); presents are wrapped; and I’ve posted the Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas Bell video. (Click on this then read the rest of my blog!) Sigh!

I should be making a cheese ball and some smoked salmon cream cheese but I’m a wee bit tired.  Cheese ballI’ll have some eggnog and rest a bit and quit “shoulding” on myself.

Tomorrow is the real test of a family and its traditions. And food is a biggy, starting as soon as we get up. Mimosas, coffee and Bailies, cinnamon buns with cream cheese icing. Shauna and Leanne will be here so maybe pancakes etc??? Later the preparing of the smashed potatoes. These are really just mashed potatoes with skins on. The mixing of the OJ and fireball for the yams. It’s OK because all the alcohol evaporates and the taste is divine. I always make a very special sausage dressing and this year I think the amount will be bigger than the turkey. The bird is only 8.5 pounds but I’m making way more dressing than will fit in that little bird. The original recipe came from a recipe booklet from Maple Leaf products. It also included the original for our cheese ball. But, like most things, we have adapted the recipes for us. Yogurt instead of sour cream for the cheese ball, chicken broth instead of butter – that kind of thing for the stuffing. I get my bread for the stuffing from Breadstuffs Bakery in Brentwood Bay. It is yam poppy seed and makes an amazing stuffing. Lots of celery leaves, onions (wilted) and Glenwood meat sausage make this stuffing spectacular. Then there is the thyme, rosemary and sage I grow myself.

Wow. I can see I’ve gone way overboard on the food talk. But isn’t Christmas the time of year for excesses like presents, donations, hugs, treats and love. This is a time for reflection on what Christmas really means. Not just the commercial pageant we have grown to expect but to look at what we need, what our children NEED and what the WORLD NEEDS! Love, understanding and heart. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others. I’m still having a difficult time doing almost everything one-handed but, with the love and support so many have been sending me, I will send out waves of caring and love to all. Have a very merry Christmas and don’t dread the new year. It’s new!

Thanks for listening.



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