Justified Weight Gain or Single-Handed Comeback?

Whew! Yep, I am not dead nor have I given up – yet. I’m currently recovering from another joint replacement. This time it was my left shoulder so, literally, I am typing this only with my right hand. Get it – single-handed? Simple Skeleton Drawing 1000 Images About Cute Skeleton Crafts For Kids On Pinterest

I now have 5 artificial joints – both hips (one twice), my right knee and both shoulders. It’s my cartilage, my bones are way too strong and wear the squishy padding to nothing then they create extra stuff (bone spurs) to compensate. Damn.

sailor moonIt has been a challenge every year or two to have these monstrous surgeries and months and months of re-hab. And I just found out that artificial joints weigh more than just bone. I guess this is justified weight gain? And, yes, I set off security alarms in airports. But I can move without a wheelchair.

I am truly grateful for medical advances, unbelievable surgical techniques, the people who do them, nice medications and a medical system that takes care of all the cost. Well, most of it.

Now, I get to take time off to heal. I don’t have much stamina and pain-killers are still one of my best friends. But, I do miss my students and co-workers. Daytime TV sucks and I haven’t got the stamina to watch more than two episodes of the same show in a row on Crave or Netflix. Sigh, sounds like whining again.Mince tarts

It’s near Christmas so the “feasting” has begun but I haven’t stockpiled baking from before surgery but I’m not missing it, yet. Norm does miss the mincemeat stuff but I know stores that have those amazing tarts. But he has to drive because I’m not allowed to…yet.

Thank you for all the messages asking me if I’d quit writing this blog and to not quit but keep it going. It’s support like that that keeps me going. (I’ve always wanted to write a double word sentence that really works.) I’m going to try and keep myself in line and on line. And, if it all works out right, keep you all amused or at least pondering if I’m nuts or not.

Thanks for listening and welcome to the holidays! Diane Kirby




~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on December 13, 2017.

2 Responses to “Justified Weight Gain or Single-Handed Comeback?”

  1. welcome back!!

  2. So that means you are home again? And at my mercy?

    Whatcha doing Friday? Coffee?


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