Wonder Woman Wonders

My daughter, Leanne, took me to see Wonder Woman yesterday for my Mother’s Day present. It was spectacular! We both love the character and the way she is portrayed in 2017 does her justice. But boy, has she changed since I was a girl. I will say, though, I like leather better than spandex and satin. I also really like that she is now international not just American. I read a lot when I was a kid and comics were way up there. But it may explain why a woman’s self image is warped from the very beginning.

If you look at the pictures above from the ’50’s to 2017, you’ll notice something. The modern Diana actually shows less skin. I know what you’re going to say, “You think you are her because of your name.” That is sort of true, and I have been a sword matron when needed. Diana is the name of the Roman goddess of the hunt and the moon. In Greece, of which the modern Diana is created from, the Goddess Diana is named Artemis and is the sister of Ares. Nice name play. I’ll keep my name, I’m told it is the French spelling and I’m very partial to the moon.

But looking like Linda Carter, Gal Gadot or the original DC creation has not been a motivator to me. Maybe now that she is going to save the world from evil not just the US, I will lose some weight to fit into a nice leather two-piece with a blue skirt and wedgie boots. I may have to adjust the arm guards because of my huge hands but the lasso shouldn’t be a problem since I’ve worked hard with my whip from my Indiana Jones fixation.

So, I’m wondering if wanting to be Wonder Woman is a bad thing? Lots of girls and women take all kinds martial arts training. I took bokken (wooden samurai sword) training and it was a lot like ballet because you have memorize all the steps, moves and practice them forever. Exercise is good for us no matter why! I wonder what they ate in Themescyra for breakfast. I’ll opt for strawberries and yogurt today. I’ll make it Greek yogurt just to stay in the theme.

Thank for listening.   Diane – Wondering Woman


~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on June 12, 2017.

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