Coffee and Chocolate

First, I want to apologize to all the people who regularly read my blog. As you have noticed, it hasn’t been regular for months. I’m back and feeling confident enough to expose my fatish views to the world! Yes, the warm weather had made me store/hide all my “multitude of sin” winter clothes. Now? Capris, tanks, tees, and even dresses. I’ve lost a couple of pounds over the last few weeks and I had a heart shake-up that turned out to be nothing, so I can do this. Thanks for listening and on to the real meat of the day. OK, not meat but other yummy stuff.

CoffeeRecently, there have been scientific reversals on how bad coffee and chocolate are for you. I was making my morning coffee and thoroughly enjoying that amazing aroma when I realized I drink at least 4 cups of coffee every day. I remember believing more than two cups a day was really bad for you. I don’t remember who said so or why but it was “general knowledge”. It turns out, that much coffee without sugar will help prevent Type 2 diabetes and is loaded with anti-oxidants! Yeah!!!! If you don’t believe me, try the Huffington Post. My biggest problem with coffee is that I have become a coffee snob. Around here there are as many specialty coffee roasting companies and there are artisan breweries. I truly enjoy dark, Italian roast coffee. Some stuff in restaurants needs cream, lots of cream to be drinkable but I still enjoy the caffeine!

cacao-vs-cocoaThen there’s cocoa, the basis of chocolate. It’s good for your heart, Who’d a thunk it? I read it in my local paper, The Victoria Times-Colonist. In Denmark there was a study of men with Atrial Fibrillation and those who consumed chocolate with more than 35% cocoa showed far fewer signs of the heart condition. And the Livestrong website also lists benefits such as: lower cholesterol, more serotonin, less depression, naturall lower blood pressure, and melatonin for great sleep. And hot cocoa has more anti-oxidants than red wine or tea. Well, I’m not ready to give up my red wine yet but I really like dark chocolate melting slowly on my tongue.

It is refreshing to learn that things that were considered bad for us now are found to be not only life preserving but good for us! So, I’m going to finish my third cup of West Coast Dark roast, finish this post and get ready for a blood pressure check at my doctor’s. Take care and Thanks for listening!


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