wtfWTF  – Where’s the food? Diets are notorious for restricting what is available to eat. Then there are the Crave Morsels that call out to you and you go an extensive kitchen forage.  The fridge has some Leanne’s Favourite; a bit of unstuffed cabbage rolls (I’ll have that for breakfast); two mandarin oranges; two blocks of cheddar (for the Christmas cheese balls); but not anything I can just have by the handful. The carrots are wilty and going into the stew. Then the snack basket – chocolate coconut flakes (nah); whole grain tortilla chips (no salsa); and that’s all. It’s a relatively empty basket right now. See, I’m denying my salt craving. The bread basket only has bread in it. I’m not craving bread. OK, I’ll try the cupboard. Cereal; tons of things that need to be cooked or opened with a can opener; and crackers. Crackers might do but, now that I’m aware of my foraging, I feel guilty and will not be snacking right now.

How about the special Christmas goodies that are everywhere! Christmas Crave Morsels can be even worse, because they are available for a limited time. Nanaimo bars, peppermint bark, tarts, cookies, chocolates, veggie and shrimp rings. Sigh, there will be a lot of food but I’m delaying the baking, making and buying until the family complains – a lot of food.

By the way, are snacks really food or just empty calories? Thanks for letting have my mini rant. ;D   Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on December 2, 2016.

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