The Minefield of Marketing – Grocery Shopping

I just came back from a quick run to the Super Store. I needed a prescription and had to kill 40 minutes before it would be ready. So, I picked up a few things that we needed, such as: toilet tissue, air freshener, a new winter sweater (it is a “super” store) and 50% off all Halloween candy. OK, I didn’t buy any more candy. We still have Hawkins Cheezies in perfect snack size bags and a few Hershey’s treats.Who can walk by a 50% off sign and at least ask themselves if we need it, whether we do or not?


And, Christmas oranges were on sale for less than $1 a pound. These are the only oranges I like. They are easy to peel (none of that gross bitter pith under my nails and edible fibre between sections not like regular oranges) as well as being sweet and juicy.

Grocery shopping is hard. Before we even get to the store we’ve already been swamped by so many advertisements on TV. Low fat margarine; healthy, genetically modified probiotic yogurt; and gluten free carrots are just a few of the products we’ve been told are good for our modern diets. Seriously, Hershey’s labeled their cocoa “fat-free”. Duh! if it had fat in it it would be chocolate not cocoa! Then there’s the new probiotic in Activia yogurt. In addition to the live bacterial cultures used to make all yogurt, Activia contains Bifidus Regularis, a trademarked name for an organism normally present in the human intestines called Bifidobacterium lactis DN-173 010.Now you cannot trade mark a living organism unless you have changed it. Yep, it is genetically modified, just a tiny bit, so they can trademark it. GMO and based on the same bacteria in human poop!

But, it is marketed very well. There are very happy cows on the west coast, TV tells us this so milk products and cheese here are good for you. Facebook wants us to buy 210 calorie “energy bars” with 7 grams of protein, 26 grams of carbohydrates and only 1 gram of fibre. Fibre is the good carbohydrate not sugar (the 26 grams)! And gluten is protein that is indigestible by people with celiac disease. It is not fattening, the starch carbs in wheat are what is fattening. Don’t eat it if you don’t want the weight!

Sigh. I bought some high carb grapes, good-carb oranges, fat-free carrots and newly approved for diabetics – coffee! I also bought a sweater that looks pretty good on me. That also happens when you’re out waiting for prescriptions and get bored, you buy things you really need.

Enough of this rant. Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane



~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on November 2, 2016.

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