Are You the Worm in Your Apple?

It’s full fall here and on Sunday we roll our clocks back and grab an extra hour of sleep. And fall always gives me visions of apples; tastes of turkey and the smells of pumpkin spice. My amazing neighbour has a bumper crop of apples this year and he has been sharing with everyone. We took a whole bunch and I was set on making apple sauce (unsweetened of course) but we ate them instead. I’m not sure if they are Spartans or McIntosh but they sure are delicious. I’ve also taken about 30 pounds of them to work for people to eat or take home and they didn’t last very long. But one of my favourite ways to enjoy them is to cut one up (skin too) and put the slices and a couple of cinnamon sticks into a water bottle and fill it up. Nice!


Apples are one of those plain but amazing fruits and are so useful. Applesauce can replace sugar and oil in baking, one a day keeps the doctor away and I want to be the apple of someone’s eye! But… and mine’s a big butt. I am the worm in my own apple. Are you like me and putting off the shedding of the carbohydrates and embracing the goodies like apple pie?wormy-apple

Yes, it’s sabotage. I saw my bariatric surgeon the other day. He was also one of the surgeons in my huge cancer/hernia operation this past spring. Well, I don’t look pregnant anymore and I’m cancer free. I was told not to “diet” just to eat well and recover. Don’t diet? That’s like being told to eat everything that’s bad for me. Well, it was a post-operative check and my first weight check in a year. I got onto the BMI scale dreading my potato chip – Kit Kat Chunky weight. I had lost weight. Whaaa? I couldn’t figure it out. Then I realized a couple of things, I don’t eat at night any more and I’m back to work. Work has stairs and walking back and forth down a long hall. But, this week, trying to actually diet now, I’ve screwed up. Shauna bought a dozen croissants. I had one right away before supper. Then, when Leanne made an almost completely carb-free lasagna (with zucchini pasta), I ate the accompanying garlic bread, too, sigh, and then apple pie.

I’m not going to wait until next Monday but start the low carb this morning. Two scrambled eggs for breakfast, an apple (just an apple not the pie) for snack, a day-long mug of apple cinnamon water, cheese and sausage for lunch then beef stir fry for supper. I will join the school walk at afternoon break and sleep well tonight. I do not need to be the worm in my own apple. Pictures always show that worm as very happy but we know better. They’re WORMS! So, don’t be the worm in your apple.

Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on October 25, 2016.

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