Life’s a Beach- Call Me On My Shell

Call me on my shellIt’s been hard to readjust from holidays and the extra long road trip. I keep claiming that I have jet lag but no one will believe me. I still have 2 weeks before I have to go to work but it’s full of appointments and beach time.

Yes, beach time. I’ve been walking on the beach at Esquimalt Lagoon. Beach walking is good exercise. It really works my legs and hips. I use my walking sticks just to keep my balance. I am still Esquimalt_Lagoon1terrified of falling. I also carry my chair, a book and water to reward myself with after my walk. OK! Sometimes I stop at McD’s for an iced coffee made with milk and no liquid sugar. I like it and there are no carbs.

beach-food-fridays-grilledtothemac-10jun2016-squareBut there is a downside to Esquimalt Lagoon. There are food trucks. Well, usually more of them on Fridays and Saturdays but Grilled to the Mac is there almost everyday. I ignore them. I also hate standing in line for food.

I need exercise and less food. I’ve rediscovered that since I’ve been home I can eat continuously, all day. When I was on holidays, I usually had a decent-sized breakfast, where I could pick and choose what I wanted (a biscuit, gravy and fruit) so I stopped when I was full and I get full quickly. Then we would stop around 2pm and have lunch or as Norm called it, “a snack”. I learned that it was OK to leave food on the plate because I got full and I knew I couldn’t take the leftovers with me in 90F+ weather.  And, by the time we stopped for the night, I wasn’t too hungry so a beer and some crackers (thanks, Dale, they were delicious) and 1 serving was all I would need then I was sleepy.

So, stop when I’m full, and exercise. This worked well on my holiday and they will work for me now. Since we have world-class sights and events, I really have no excuse to stay home and watch TV. I didn’t think of sightseeing as exercise so I didn’t hide from it. I can do that here, too.

Esquimalt lagoon Fisgard Lighthouse

Fisgard Lighthouse at Esquimalt Lagoon

I’ll do the beach again, today. I like the Lagoon and there’s always ducks and swans at the south end.

Thanks for listening!  ;D   Diane


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