I Lost 4 Pounds in 23 Days of Holidays

It’s hard to believe that I just got back from holidays and stepped on the scales this morning and weighed 4 pounds lighter than when I left. HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN? I drove my car across Canada from Victoria to Montreal then down to Maine and back across the US to home – 6 provinces and 16 states – sitting on my bottom most of the day – driving.

Stand to lose a few poundsI did do some awesome sightseeing! Vulcan, Montreal, Stephen and Tabitha King, Boston, Mount Rushmore, Old Faithful, KMart (ours are all gone!), I did do some walking. But it’s very hard to eat right on a holiday where they charge $9 for a pile of lettuce with a tomato slice on top and call it a “salad” and most hotels have breakfasts that include waffles and biscuits with gravy! French fries are staples on a holiday diet.

But I did learn something. I can’t eat big meals in one sitting. And, when you’re travelling, you can’t really take the leftovers with you in the car. It was hot and….you know ickyness!

So, I left food on my plate and being the incredibly cheap woman I am, I started ordering 1/2 portions and off the senior’s menu. $2.00 off felt better than throwing food away. I also drank a lot of water. It was hot across both countries and I sweat a lot. My four favourite beverages were: water; unsweetened ice tea; iced coffee with no sweetener; and Papst Blue Ribbon beer on ice. I had no cravings for sweet stuff. I was craving vegetables and fruit. And now I am so glad to be home. I have fresh lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden and there is no charge for the meal!

I’m glad to be home and I have no visible or psychological reason to not keep on this path.

Thank you all for listening. There is more to come.   ;D   Diane



~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on August 6, 2016.

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