The Dr Oz Swimsuit Slimdown Drink

I love red grapefruit! To be more specific, I love Buck Brand, organic, ruby red grapefruit (no gluten!). I currently have 6 sitting in a crystal bowl in my dining room. So, when someone posted this on Facebook. I was intrigued.

Dr Oz drink

I’ve seen cider vinegar used in many a “home cure” for every thing from a sore throat to weight loss. And cider vinegar is a fermented food. Fermented foods are very popular in in the current healthy foods movement. I’ve been taking cider vinegar capsules (no bad taste) for years to keep bladder infections away. I need a slightly acidic system.

My mom was on the grapefruit diet in the sixties (essentially a low carb diet). It kind of worked.

I also know if you drink a full (8oz/125ml) glass of water before every meal you will eat less. Honey is a natural sweetener and antibiotic.

Thus, Dr Oz’s Swimsuit Slimdown Drink should help you lose weight.

But beware. Too much juice will be high in sugar. And this plan says to drink 3 cups of juice a day that can be 354 calories. Pre-diabetics and full-blown ones will watch out for this. Grapefruit juice interferes with some medications, beware! And you are already getting a lot of vitamins and sugar in the juice so I don’t know why you need the honey (another 60 calories) except for whiners about the taste.

I’m going to have a nice fresh grapefruit right now, take a cider vinegar capsule and have a spectacular day. So, I don’t think I’ll try this drink. But if you do, please let me know how you/it did.

Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

'Don't worry. We'll fit into these things by spring.'

‘Don’t worry. We’ll fit into these things by spring.’

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on July 6, 2016.

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