BREAD – The Gateway Food!

pretzel rollI am out of control! Food is ruling (ruining?) my life. I’m constantly thinking of food. Food is everywhere. It’s on TV; all over magazines; the internet and people posting all these amazing video recipes (bacon and cheddar pretzel rolls – Google it!). I’m not supposed to be eating bad carbs such as bread and pasta and I’ve been surrounded by all types of bread over the last week.

focacciaWednesday, my daughter was craving focaccia bread and texted me to pick some up before I got home but it was too late and I got home before I got the text because I do not use my phone at all while I drive!!! As soon as I heard the word, focaccia, I was craving it, too. I had made her neauseated earlier in the day by cooking onions. I MADE HER TURN GREEN. I had forgotten that chemo makes you very sensitive to smells and tastes. So, I made her focaccia. I even made it with rosemary, thyme and oregano from our yard! But…white flour? So bad for me and everyone in the house. But a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil and…well you know, that fresh ,feathery, yeasty treat! But, that’s not the worst.

533373-hot-cross-bunsOur school is honoured by a local bakery, Breadstuffs Bakery, and they donate all types of baked goods to our students. Tuesday, our kitchen had a new mound of donated goods that included: raisin scones; cheese scones, croissants, hot cross buns, ancient grain bread, yam/carrot poppyseed bread (my favourite for stuffing a turkey); cinnamon buns; focaccia buns; Portuguese buns and old fashioned white bread. Sigh, I love their cheese scones and I don’t remember the last time I had a croissant. But I didn’t touch anything until the end of the day, after the students got a chance to have something for breakfast, lunch or to take home. I took the yam/carrot poppyseed bread for my freezer and the Easter turkey and I also brought home some hot cross buns for Norm and half a loaf of raisin/sunflower seed bread for Shauna. It’s amazing toasted, I found out. Norm toasted some for his breakfast on Wednesday morning and it smelled so good I had to have some, too. I toasted one piece, buttered it and ate it. It was spectacular but I honestly believe it was the gateway bread to my breakdown. Then I had a piece of focaccia later to make sure it tasted right. It did!

Thursday, it was the toasting hot cross buns that made my mouth water so another slice of the raisin/sunflower seed bread. And I made meatloaf for smeatloafupper with day-old focaccia instead of oatmeal in it. I did use hemp hearts and flaxseed meal but, really, it was the bread! Really nice meatloaf that even kept it’s bread-like shape. Food was becoming the main focus to my hour-to-hour life.

Then, I had focaccia for breakfast at work the next day.  At work one of the students stopped in at Breadstuffs Bakery and they gave her a fresh loaf of french bread and she was wondering how to serve it at home. Holy cow! I told her, with soup, stew, any hot meal. It’s amazing with spaghetti and fresh sauce. Then she can make spectacular french toast with it!! She was looking at me with a strange kind of scared look and asked me if I wanted it. I got all bashful and said, “Thank you, but I can’t.” But in my heart (and mouth) I wanted it. Really wanted it!  The day went by with me managing to get by with only a small piece of fried bread accompanying the seafood feast we had honouring the renewal of local clam gardens. Food again: clam patties; baked salmon; smoked salmon; seafood chowder (shrimp, clams, squid, fish); and fresh crab!!! How could I not be thinking of nothing but food. Bread – the gateway food.

I think by writing this blog post today, I’ve purged the craving for more food. As I re-read this, I’m full. I started to write it so I wouldn’t have time to make bread pudding with all the leftover hot cross buns. It was a great idea. The blog not the bread pudding. I’ll bag the buns individually and put them in the freezer and Norm can have one at a time when he wants one.  So…

Thanks for listening!  ;D   Diane


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