Patience, Patients

Lose weight lose patienceI used to think I was a patient person, but there can be limits. Since diagnosed with Stage 2 uterine cancer my patience has been challenged. I have to go through all kinds of pre-operative tests, consultations and processes and I still don’t have a surgery date. Last Thursday, starting at 8:30 am, I went to the Vic General Hospital where I had my weight, height, blood pressure and oxygen saturation taken. Then I saw the anesthesiologist. I’ve had quite a few surgeries so it was a nice informative conversation – for him. I have a very thick paper file and tons of info, numbers and pictures on line, too. He ordered an Echocardiogram for a little heart murmer I have.  It hasn’t changed in six years but, just to be sure, he ordered one. They would contact me later that day with a time and place.

The next step was an ECE. That took longer to get ready and hooked up for than the 30 second test piece of paper. Then I was off to the lab for blood work. I had to take a number and they would call me up. I looked at my number and it was 17, I looked at the number display on the wall and it said 6. Sigh. I had another appointment in the same hospital at 11 and it was 10:20, so I waited – and waited – and waited. It was 3 minutes to 11 and they got as far as number 11 so I told them I’m leaving my 17 ticket and going to my UMAC appointment. I’m not sure what all the letters of UMAC stood for but I know “Urgent” and “Medical” were two of them. There I met another doctor. Both my doctors that day were very nice. In fact everyone was very nice but the systems suck. This doctor told me there was nothing to indicate surgery would not be appropriate so I would be having the surgery. I asked hiNumberm when and he said he didn’t have a date. Sigh. I want to know when it will be!!!!!

It was 11:20 when we were finished and I went back to the lab and took another number. It was 29. I mentioned I had left before my 17 could be served and sat down. Two minutes later a tech came out and asked for the client who had to go to the UMAC appointment and took me in, took my blood, and sent me back out. I felt a little guity going in before the people waiting there but I was on a schedule.

One more to do, the x-ray. I had to take another number, 38 and the sign said they were serving 36. Wow! Maybe I should  have bought a lottery ticket. I thought they needed an x-ray of my pelvis ’cause that’s were my lady bits are and I was prepared for that and had made sure there was no metal on my clothing below my waist. But, it was a chest x-ray (?) and I had to get my top undressed again. Bigger sigh. Deep breath, zap, get dressed. I was done – for now. It was 11:57 by then and I had to get to work.

It had been a long and frustrating morning and I was no closer to knowing my surgery date. Oh well, I must have patience. Getting frustrated, angry and sarcastic doesn’t help. I get loud and sarcastic when I have to wait a long time and it looks like the people who should be serving or helping me, are doing nothing or talking amongst themselves. I did get the appointment for the echocariogram later that day… it will be 7 am, next Thursday at the Jubilee Hospital. That’s the hospital that’s at the other end of Greater Victoria from where I live. Sigh. There should be enough time for a cup of coffee before I go to work that day.

Now if I only had the patience to stay on my diet! Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on February 20, 2016.

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