Pizza Means He Loves Me

My husband agreed to have pizza for our Friday “Take Out Night” dinner. I love pizza earringspizza. It’s bad for my diet but we have an amazing place near us, Ali Baba, that makes the best thin multi-grain crust, ever. So, we phone in ask for our regular. I guess it’s like the alcoholic at the bar, “I’ll have my regular, Sam!” We always order two small; thin, multi-grain crust pizzas; one Supreme (Norm’s) and one Carnivore (Mine!!!!). We’re on their computer.

This was the opening of our Valentine’s weekend. We had pizza. He had beer. I had Heart Pizzabourbon (I actually like Tin Cup) and the house to ourselves. Our whole family has been going through quite a bit of stress due to the multiple cancer situations and our daughter went out with friends to unload. I stayed home to unload stress and upload pizza.

When I want pizza I usually get the lecture from those around me because pizza is not just one meal. It becomes multiple meals. Even though it is a small pizza it is 6 slices. I can manage two in a night if I space them. Then there’s the cold pizza for breakfast, lunch and mid-afternoon snack with jalapeno ranch sauce. Then there is that last piece to try to avoid and fantasize about. It’s in the fridge as I speak.

But it’s Valentines Day and I’m going out for breakfast with friends to celebrate Wendy’s birthday. A two-egg omelette with tomatoes (no toast or potatoes, today) on the side. No carbs today. There was a wonderful card and box of Lindor chocolates waiting for me when I got up but I don’t have any craving for the chocolates, yet, so I’ll save them for special indulgent moments. But that piece of pizza will call me all day. I even wrapped it in tinfoil to keep it special. It will be my challenge for today and the start of the week. It will be a good thing to start the week with – a Valentine’s guilt puppy.

heart guilt puppy

Valentine’s Guilt Puppy! It’s all about the love!

Thanks for listening!  ;D   Diane






~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on February 14, 2016.

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