Lying On My Diet

Lying has two meanings. I could be reclining like lying on my bed or I could be telling an untruth. What do you think? If I’m telling an untruth, who am I lying to? You? Me? The world? And…would it matter?

Lieing on diet TC 11-04-15

Of course it would! Every time I lie, I’m cheating myself. No lie!

Truth: I’ve been neglecting my blog for the last 8 weeks.

Truth: I’m pleading stress and health matters – no lies.
I have stress from work, Shauna’s cancer, my cancer, family worries, weight management or lack of…and on top of it all I got a nasty cold-like virus.

Truth: I’m off all of my diets.

Truth: I feel guilty.

Truth: I have been making excuses and the excuses are valid but most are just that, excuses not motivators to go off the track but outcomes from letting go.

I thought just eating whatever I wanted to would make me feel better. The thought was true but the truth is a lie. Guilt, fat and illness do not make one feel better. I sure don’t feel better. But the cold did make me take care of myself and I’m feeling a bit better today than I did yesterday. Oh yeah, I can smell and taste things, too!

Truth: Not being able to smell or taste does make you think twice about indulging in lots of foods because what’s the point if you can’t enjoy them!!!

Okay, enough of the truth. I feel like crap and I’m going to admit to myself and anyone reading that I truly don’t know if the following is a lie or the truth.

Truth or Lie: I will eat healthier this week because I want to get back on track and schedule. I want to be healthier and not just chicken soup healthy, but veggie, low-carb healthy. I can and will do this.

Thanks for listening.   ;D  Diane

PS: I’m a teacher and that’s where I got my new pet!




~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on February 3, 2016.

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