Single Serving Packs – A LIE!!!!! Part 2

I recently wrote about the lie of single serving packages of foods. Wow, I sure pushed some major buttons. GOOD! But it started out with a comic I saw in the Times-Colonist on July 28, 2015. All things are relative and anyone who has ever had to diet for any reason knows this is true.

T-C 28-07-2015

Times-Colonist 28 July 2015

Who decides serving size? I have a wonderful paperback book with all kinds of counts in it. It has raw foods, cooked meals, commercially packaged foods and fast foods. It tells you sodium, fat, calories, carbohydrates and fiber in a designated amount. But the serving size given is the scientific amount tested for the counts or what a restaurant serves. I almost never use this book myself, in fact, it’s in the library at work and I don’t go back there until the end of August. serving sizes

I grew up in a calorie-counting household and can tell you almost all the calorie counts for fruits, breads and veggies. Sigh, it didn’t help my own weight loss. But my mom, Marg Carey, was the T.O.P.S. Queen for the Ottawa region back in the ’60s. I will never win any weight loss prizes. My brother, Dave is losing weight like crazy but he has cut out all snacks. He makes everything fresh and nothing comes in packages especially in single serving “packs”. Me? I do well for a while then I give in to the crave monster and a 250g package of Bugles turns into a single serving.

In a previous blog post, Eating Healthy Munchies!, I discussed a way I deal with making my own single servings and it involves these little, green, plastic bowls we have. They’re perfect for small servings of grapes, chips, cherries, baby carrots, salami etc. But, and here I confess to get it off my chest and butt; sometimes I eat more than a single serving. Sorry.

Enough said and I’m done. Time for a breakfast serving of eggs for me – two, if you were wondering. Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

My idea of a single serving!

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on July 31, 2015.

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