Single Serving Packs – A LIE!!!!!

Do you really need "6"?

Do you really need “6”?

Have you noticed all single serving packs of snack foods?

Be very, very careful. They say they have a certain amount of calories or protein etc. But…they are designed to make you take a whole pack when all you want/need is that one bit for the taste satisfaction that crave monsters are after.


Singles! By the way, the Tapaz 2 Go Humus is really good! Snack on the plane.

I’m also really ticked off at all the extra packaging and garbage generated by this “buy more because it costs more to package this way”. You also get less product overall. Sigh. I have a cupboard full of Tupperware that I can parcel my own “servings”  of snacks. Sure they’re very convenient but this idea that 6 cookies is a healthy portion is silly. A small bag of chips in your lunch is still a place where chips shouldn’t be. Right?

Because of all the single serving packs we (the universal “we” of general humanity in North America) are spending more (singles packs are more expensive per ounce), creating more garbage, and not thinking about quantity and quality of what we are eating or worse – giving our kids to eat.

My personal Gargoyles lunch kit

My personal Gargoyles lunch kit

It’s not just packaged, it’s processed – oh, so processed so it will last longer on the shelf or in your cupboard. Yuk. I have a Seal-a-Meal for buying meat in bulk and portioning up and saving a bundle. And if/when I make cookies, banana bread etc. I can seal them in a single serving pouch and put them in the freezer; so from the freezer to the lunch box. Any lunch box, backpack or pocket. This way you get to choose what kind of snack or food you are putting into you! What and how much do you want to feed your family? Should Uncle Ben, Mr Christie, or Kellogg’s be deciding that for you? I know it’s easier but who are you buying groceries for – them or you? YOU! Take the responsibility for your own choices.

I started  thinking about writing this blog post about bad snacking but got onto a rant and I think it’s a good rant. So I’ll save the other post for another day. Be on the look out for “Single Serving Packs – A LIE!!!!! Part 2”.

Thanks for listening. Eat only the one cookie you really want then go brush the Oreo off your teeth and be done with it.  ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on July 28, 2015.

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