The Reunion – The Test Of The Genes!

This past Sunday, 43 Wylie descendants and attached partners met at my brother Dave’s cottage on Lake Couchiching in Ontario. Four generations of Wylies at the cottage and the cottage sits on a site originally built on by my great-grandfather, John Wylie. So the littlest is now the 6th generation to be “up at the cottage”.

Now, reunions give you chances to do a number of things: eat all the wonderful pot-luck, BBQ’d, munchie foods brought to share; look at how old all your cousins got (OMG, I guess I did, too, since I’m the oldest of our cohort of cousins!); and look at how the genetic traits have filtered down into our beautiful families. And we are one amazingly good-looking group! But..Wylie reunion 2015

We had a good look at how second and third cousins look like each other. For example, Scott’s daughter, Melanie, looks quite a bit like my daughter, Leanne, right down to the freckles across her nose but younger. Sigh, it was all around us. But so were the downside ones. There are quite a few diabetics. And there’s my weight issue. I’m not the only one. In my Mom’s generation there were (are) two wiry Wylies and two plumper ones. It’s still that way in my generation but… we are truly working on it and aren’t doing too badly. My brother and our cousin Don have lost huge amounts of weight and still look a lot alike but even younger now.

At one point we compared joint replacements. I didn’t know my Uncle Jack had a hip replaced and a couple of cousins, Marcy and Kevin, have had knees done, like me. Then there’s the scar comparisons. Most could not be seen but there was much commiseration. Some things run in families.  Like tattoos! Personally, I’m not sure if the love of tattoos is genetic or not. My Mom had her first after 60 and started the whole thing. But after looking around at our bunch I do think most us with body art were women – genetic?!

But, this is a blog about my journey in losing weight and I have nothing but hope and determination to continue on this path. I have never seen such healthy food available, lots of vegetables, fruit, protein, milk and wheat conscious glories, but just the right amount of goodies! Two birthdays and and the brownies were my downfall but I listened to my tummy (very loud it was) and stopped. I think the biggest over-eaters were the mosquitoes. I forgot about mosquitoes. There aren’t many at my house but we had wonderful bug stuff an were happy people. And I can’t beleive how many bags of chips never even got opened. Those will go to the “kids'” cottage I guess.

I want to live a long time. I’m still losing weight (more to go) and being part of this wonderful clan is inspiring. I want to see more of them. Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on July 6, 2015.

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  1. Reunions are so much fun and informative. Have fun!!!

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