New Parts – Same Old Same Old

I haven’t posted anything in a couple of weeks. I had a full knee replacement on May 29th and am now just beginning to feel human again – except I’m actually less human and more bionic. I have many parts in me that my husband is not legally married to. I also set off every scanning device at an airport or border crossing. Sigh.

Bionic woman

I actually owned a jumpsuit like this a long time ago but I didn’t look like her, though.

I now have two complete hip replacements, one complete right shoulder, a new complete right knee and a lens in my left eye. Eat your heart out Lindsay Wagner.

This was the most painful surgery I’ve ever had and it still is uncomfortable as I learn to bend and straighten my knee again. It could take weight right away but my thigh muscles hated me. I think it’s because I’ve insulted them with so much abuse with the hip and the knee. More sighs.

Now, the good news – I was in so much pain I wasn’t hungry. It will be a while before I can exercise with the intensity to lose calories but…I’m not eating to the capacity I was before. But, I am now just starting to cook again. Norm, bless him, has been feeding himself and me. He has learned to read instructions on packages; to set the oven and timer; why tinfoil has a shiny and a dull side and why we thaw certain things before cooking. He’s a very quick learner. Now if I could get him to clean out the yucky stuff in the veggie and fruit drawers. If he can’t see it, it doesn’t exist, right?

So, right now I weigh less than when I had the surgery. But as I get around more and more, food is finding its way into my cozy nest on the love seat in the living room. Thanks goodness for strawberry season and really good Greek yogurt.

Fast womanOkay, I’ve written again so my excuses are nullified for now. I get my staples out today and see my regular doctor tomorrow so we will have official comments soon. It won’t be long until I’m running in the fast lane. HA!

Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

PS: The hospital food was horrifying. Good diet plan – don’t eat.

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