Celebrating Around Food – Giving In To The Crave

It’s so easy to use celebrations for excess eating. The other night I celebrated my 38th wedding anniversary at a wonderful restaurant on the top of Bear Mountain. It was a celebration of the spot prawn, a wonderful creature in abundance in the waters around our part of Vancouver Island. It was actually 2 days after my anniversary because on our anniversary I went out for dinner with 3 girlfriends, celebrating because one was visiting from Calgary and it was the only time all of us could see each other. And..we had been out the night before to celebrate our oldest daughter’s birthday. Before that, Mother’s Day – much celebrating. The Log House Pub celebrated my request for a tequila Caesar! Sigh some many wonderful things to celebrate – around food.

Satisfied Guilt PuppyCelebrating things like anniversaries allows me to order what I crave – prawns, mmmmmm. Whether it’s at a 4-star restaurant or Swiss Chalet, celebrating is a wonderful time to chuck the diet and eat what you are really craving. Yep, fries with that, the hot chicken sandwich with not only tons of gravy but thick white bread. I know it lasted three meals but what about the cheesecake the other night? It was part of the 4 course prawn celebration and Norm ate at least half of it!

But it was all good and I loved it. My fridge was full of chicken, Thai and other leftovers for my lunches all the last week. That’s a good thing, isn’t it? So why do I feel so guilty, still? Because my heart and head are good. And..it turns out I didn’t gain a pound. I guess because I talk so much when I’m out with people I eat slower and get full before I’m finished. I consume less per meal. This gives me lots of restaurant/celebration food to take home for other meals. And, as a bonus, I didn’t and don’t have to cook! Nice! Oops, something more to celebrate. Now, let me see, what am I craving?

Thanks for listening.   ;D

New knee coming up!

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on May 27, 2015.

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