Skinny Jeans – Mine or Oprah’s

Oprah's Skin Tight Jeans

Oprah’s Skin Tight Jeans vs Comfy Jeans

I’ve been thinking about what “skinny jeans” actually means. The first time I heard about skinny jeans relating to the size of the wearer was on Oprah. She had a pair of jeans she couldn’t wear because she was too big for them so she used them as motivation to lose a ton of weight (not literally but I bet she’s lost and found at least a ton in her lifetime). She called them her “skinny jeans” meaning she would have to be skinny to wear them.

I will never be skinny. I do not have a single pair of jeans in my closet to motivate me. Oops, I lie, I have a pair of size 28 jeans from my heaviest (300 pounds). They are huge but I remember them as a wee bit loose and most 300 pound women don’t have anything loose. They are now my “before” jeans but I haven’t dared to buy any “after” jeans. I truly have not set a final weight goal. I have an “about” goal of about 150 pounds. But 175 might be better for me. I won’t know until I get there.

Back to skinny jeans. No jeans will make me look skinny…ever! But I have 2 pairs of jeans labeled “Skinny”. They have narrow legs, above the hip waistlines so it actually looks like I have a waist, great stretchability and they are size 18. To be under a size 20 is an accomplishment for me. I like them. But my favourite are my jeggings. Jeggings are jeans so tight, stretchy and lighter denim than regular; they are jeans crossed with leggings = jeggings. They do make me look thinner and they also have an elastic waist (mmmm so comfy). But since I bought them I’ve lost a bit more weight so they are not skin tight on me like leggins would be but they are my favourite jeans. I could call them my “skinny jeans” but since I’m wearing them now, they are not that great of a motivator. Sigh. oprah_skinny_jeansPlaces like Lane Bryant and Pennington’s have all kinds of jeans with style names like “curvy”, “flare”, “boyfriend”, “cuffed capri”, and even “genius fit” with the state of the art “tummy tightener”. More sighs.

When I get to where I want to be I will have to find new jeans and they’ll then become my “goal jeans”, but that will be after the fact and the styles may have changed by then to bell-bottoms (and my bottom is not as big as the Liberty Bell but close), boyfriend jeans (Norm’s jeans are way too small for me) or high-waisted boot cut. Now try and get motivated by those!!!

OK, I won’t buy any more jeans until these ones are falling off me either from being way too big or just worn out. And even if they are cut slim and I look great in them, I don’t think they’ll be skinny because I sure won’t be. And according to my daughter, Shauna, being called skinny isn’t as fun as it sounds!

Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane


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