Turkey – The Gateway Drug

It was Easter Sunday yesterday and I made a turkey for the “Holiday Dinner”. Turkey is the special meal in our family and it can work if you are on a restricted diet. Nothing tells your family how much you love them as whipped potatoes and gravy.turkey meal

I usually do a 20-pounder so there are lots of leftovers but this one was just a tiny turkey, 7 pounds. I’ve made bigger chickens. I made the normal amount of stuffing which resulted in a very full bird and a stuffing cake cooked separately in the oven. 5 pounds of potatoes got mashed and whipped. A mutant yam (seriously huge) was cut up and slow roasted to candied with Fireball and butter. A plethora of carrots were cooked to toothsomeness. I figured I could keep to my diet very well with turkey, a small serving of yams, a smidgen of gravy, and lots of carrots. Sigh. The turkey was wonderful. But it did make me want to add a pile of potatoes and dressing. I didn’t, but I was already at the precipice of craving.

The first sign of temptation was Shauna bringing a beautiful bottle of Black Crow wine. It was very nice and I thought I was doing OK when I only had one glass. Leanne had made a “cake that came with low calories, low fat Cool Whhhip and toasted coconut. I thought I could resist when we all left the table before dessert. But an hour later we all had room for a taste. It seems she had pierced the cake and poured and amazing mixture of coconut cream and condensed milk, I have a severe addiction to condensed milk. BHAM!!! My defenses went down.

I had told Norm “no chocolate” and so the Easter Bunny left me flowers. But Shauna brought chocolate and Leanne gave me Lindt dark chocolate eggs. Sigh, turkey had opened the gateway to all the holiday treats I was accustomed to, and I lost the battle.  I ate cake, chocolate and…as I was cleaning up and storing all the leftovers (and there wasn’t much) I dipped a piece of stuffing in gravy and it was good. Mmmmm – that triptophan high!

Today is a new day. I’ve made the turkey broth and it’s going into a number of containers for future use. I used to make soup – with potatoes and pasta and carrots if there were any left over. Now I can cook with turkey broth instead of fat and make soup if I want it. I can control my cravings for chocolate, cake, mashed potatoes and gravy and as long as I am aware of the gateway message that turkey send out I can fight it!!!!Rock

Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on April 6, 2015.

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