10 Pounds in 10 Days? YIKES!

Well, I’m back from my Spring Break road trip and when I stepped on the scale it said I had gained 10 pounds! I nearly fell off the scale. After I caught my breath I realized it was 8 pm and I was in my heavy jeans and a sweater and we weight-conscious people know we have to wear the same thing to get weighed in and at the same time of the day. “OK”, I thought, “I’ll do this again in the morning. ”

Times-Colonist 20 March 2015

Times-Colonist 20 March 2015

It was a wonderful trip and I had lots of fun. The weather was spectacular and sunny warm at least one day and even the storms were worth watching. Up here in the Pacific Northwest there is an amazing tourist season called “Storm Watch”. Yep, they charge more for ocean front rooms where you can see the 30 foot waves and experience being blown across the sand by 70 mph winds! I got to shop with no sales tax even though I know I can claim a refund for stuff bought in Washington, it’s so much paperwork! I got to visit a few stores we don’t have in Canada; Lane Bryant, KMart, and Lincoln City’s Liquor Outlet. OK, it’s not exactly Roh-day-oh Drive.

Well, I got everything unpacked, filled the laundry hamper, and emptied the bags of stuff I bought. Finally we sat down and turned on the TV. I lasted one hour then had to go to bed. The next day, I got weighed again. I usually weigh myself in the morning after using the bathroom but before coffee. Sigh. I had gained weight – but only four pounds. Four pounds too many but not ten! I wasn’t surprised. Free breakfast every day, great restaurants, and stuff we see advertisements for but normally won’t eat.  For example – IHOP’s Cris-Croisant with lemonade filling and blackberry compote. And, did you know that Denny’s has lounges with Happy Hours that last all day and $1.50 beer? Of course, seafood lures almost everybody.

I ate too much of the wrong things and lots of the right things but “lots” is not a good serving measurement when you are trying to lose weight. I know what a good serving size is. But if you leave anything on your plate in the States, they get offended and think they didn’t serve you enough of the “good” food. So I take stuff back to the hotel room in a box. I don’t usually eat but, sometimes I do. There is a horribly fun, guilty pleasure to eating food from a cardboard container in bed watching a movie!

We’ve been home 3 1/2 days, laundry done and suitcases put away. There’s still relatively cheap gas in the car and the weight is coming off. Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on March 22, 2015.

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