The Sun Comes Out and There is Fruit Salad

Yesterday in Lincoln City it was cloudy-windy day! In fact, I was actually thankful to be my heavy weight, I didn’t get blown away! This beautiful, beach coast, Oregon city was beset with grey clouds and winds up to 70 miles (yes, miles not kilometers) an hour. The power went out briefly more than once. Even the radio station got knocked out by the wind. I really like Lincoln City.

fruit saladToday is Monday so beachfront rooms are cheaper but view is a million dollars. The sun is out and the breakfast room is open. They have biscuits and gravy, eggs, yogurt, breads, cereals, and fruit salad! I am enjoying fruit salad and I might a small croissant. Yes, white flour but this IS a holiday. I’m not very hungry this morning and we didn’t go out for supper last night. We went to a quaint little place called The Corner Cafe and had burgers. Oh my goodness or should I say badness. They were 1/2 lb burgers cooked to our specifications (medium) and served with onion rings or fries for only $7.95. I couldn’t even finish a half of one so we took all the leftovers back to our room for later. Later I couldn’t eat it all either so no need for anything else for supper. We did do a nice walk against the wind in soft to squishy sand and later I went swimming for 45 minutes. Yes, I had a double dip of exercise. Today will have more walking and the beach calls, too.

Enjoy your day and thanks for listening. It will be a low-guilt healthy day!  ;D Diane


~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on March 16, 2015.

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