Spring Cleaning!

We, here in Victoria, have been blessed with an incredibly mild and sunny winter and our flowers and trees are blooming all over. It’s now Spring Break, so no classes for two weeks. It came into my mind that it’s a great time to consider spring cleaning in all its aspects. My house needs a decent dusting and cleaning. It’s time to wash indoor windows, walls, curtains etc. I need to empty the wall unit in the dining room. It is three sections of beautiful knick knacks, soccer trophies (not mine), assorted cocktail shakers, a variety of alcohols (I consider myself a collector), wrapping paper, candles and many things that I may need, now hidden in its drawers and cupboards. But do I really need a balloon pump?

Naked womanIt’s time to pull everything out of the cupboards and get rid of the stuff I don’t need or wear. I know there’s a pile of clothing I don’t wear anymore. They are either too big, too old or “What the hell was I thinking when I bought it?”

I also need to clean out some of my old attitudes about weight loss! Some aspects of weight are timeless, such as, “burn more than you take in and you will lose weight”. But I have to make sure I don’t become the empty-headed thing I dread. In fact, lately, my head has been over loaded with: work stuff; a conference during spring break; planning for the cross-country summer trip; the income tax stuff and so and so on. I gave a student a bad time for slipping up on their diet and that was as I was “tasting” the mac and cheese we made in Foods and Nutrition class. “Tasting” is a made-up serving size and can be anything from dipping the tip of the spoon, to a huge bowl.empty head

I’ll deal with that spring cleaning soon. Today I start with the bins of stuff in the computer room (did you notice it isn’t the toy room anymore?), the guest room (Leanne’s Bedroom), and the master’s bedroom (3 bins worth). I think I need shares in Rubbermaid just to get some payback on my investment.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the dust cloud.  ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on March 1, 2015.

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