Get In The Pool!

“Get in the pool!”

Those were almost the last words I heard when I went to see Dr. Amson. I had explained why I hadn’t been exercising or walking much ( pain and rehab) and he was not taking this as an excuse or reason not to exercise. Then yesterday I remembered that I have all kinds of chairobics I can do. Honestly, there are lots of exercise programs and videos where you don’t need to use your legs. I even wrote a blog about a few, New Exercise Routine (Rhymes With Poutine).

But…I haven’t been in the water, yet. Yes, I’m whining. I would have to get up earlier to go before work, and it takes so long to get into the pool and out of the pool then get ready for work, including make-up and hair in the change room. I use the family change room at the Juan de Fuca pool because it gives me lots of room, a bench to sit on and a roomy shower.

Exciting Exercise?

Exciting Exercise?

But I don’t think I would join a class. I really just want to water walk. I put on a belt and walk up and down the pool without touching the bottom. Actually it looks more like riding a bike and I can go as fast as I can (or can’t) and bend my knee far or not. If I’m not giving each side the same push I may end up going in circles but that would still be better than sitting in front of the computer playing Candy Crush. Right?

I know I definitely need exercise and my physio exercises are not burning a lot of calories. But I am getting biceps, deltoids and triceps again. I like triceps, they help the bat wings go away and you know what I’m talking about when I say “bat wings”. I need to burn calories even if I don’t count them. But I balk at the distance I have to walk just to get to track at work for a walk. And we know that is just not right.

I’m running out of reasons not to exercise so I will get in the pool. I’m off now to find my least offensive swimsuit; my choline-rid shampoo; two towels, one bath sheet and one for hair; my little makeup bag; my other blow dryer and the nice body lotion to put in the travel bottle. There is nothing more annoying than itchy skin because you exercised.

Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane

exercise - bacon

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on February 9, 2015.

One Response to “Get In The Pool!”

  1. Go for it…you will feel good once you have been to the pool.

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