Seafood Lasagna For Breakfast And I Don’t Feel Guilty!

Not gulity puppy

My not guilt puppy!

Yes, I just had seafood lasagna for breakfast. It was glorious. It did defy the “white food diet” rules, though. The pasta was white, the sauce was white, in fact, most of the seafood was white, too. It had scallops, lobster and shrimp(pink). I had spent an hour trying to decide what I was hungry for and I know if I don’t eat something I really want I’ll go eat a bunch of other things and go back and eat what I wanted in the first place. So I had a small piece of leftover seafood lasagna. The guilt is off because I’m telling you and I wrote it in my food journal. It had about 350 calories. So now I will be very careful with the rest of my day’s calories.

Yes, I go back and forth between diet styles as it suits me. One of the reason a lot of diets fail is that they make the dieter feel very restricted, deprived and eventually rebellious. I don’t think Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig would approve of lasagna for breakfast but both of those programs say you do have to eat a bit of your favourite foods so you don’t feel deprived. It was all about the portion size and knowing what I would do with it. I ate it and wrote it down. In my food journal there’s a space for what you’re feeling as you eat. I felt luxurious. It’s not a traditional emotion but it made me feel very good. I think I feel a little righteous, too, because this way I’m not wasting food. I did the weekly clean the expired stuff from the fridge scan and leftovers are now helping break things down in the septic. Sigh. I hate wasting food.

chicken saladNow that I’ve written a blog entry, eaten, done the dishes, I am going for a walk so my righteousness and good feeling continue. How does a huge salad with chicken sound for supper? Sounds good to me.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane


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One Response to “Seafood Lasagna For Breakfast And I Don’t Feel Guilty!”

  1. I eat leftovers for breakfast too. At age 62, I lost 71 pounds with Gods help.

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