Receiving The Post Holiday Look Of Shame

I saw my doctor Wednesday and she gave me the “post holiday look of shame”. I had gained weight. She didn’t say anything except it had affected my blood pressure which would look a lot better if I lost some holiday weight. My blood pressure has been fantastic for a couple of years so I was shocked but also ashamed. I’ve been using my post surgery lying-about and the holiday season as excuses for eating more and exercising less. Sure, there are candies, cookies, nuts and ? still on the coffee table almost within arm’s reach and my knee is killing me now that the old pain from my shoulder is gone. These do not mean I should eat and not walk. Yes, I am shoulding on myself. I think I deserve it.

Times Colonist Nov. 13, 2014

Times Colonist Nov. 13, 2014

A Facebook Friend posted that she was worried about her husband with “border-line diabetes that only need 2 pills a day” and was getting a 22 reading. She wondered what she/we could do help him understand how important it was to control his diabetes. And, it is diabetes if you have to take pills to keep your blood sugar levels down. I know, I lied to myself (and my family) for a few years, too. I made a couple of comments and she thanked me and I felt so glad that I had taken that advice myself before I gave it to someone else.

So, I’m back to my food journal, my no white food diet, and being honest with myself and all of you. I don’t need any shame. I’m a normal (in a dysfunctional world), strong (emotionally), smart (in a Jeopardy kind of way) woman and I will do this.

Thanks for listing. ;D  Diane


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3 Responses to “Receiving The Post Holiday Look Of Shame”

  1. You’ve got this! You’ve done it before.

  2. !!!

  3. Your self-honesty is inspiring

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