A Re-run Instead of a New Resolution List

ProcrastinationEnough procrastination. This is a list I posted in 2012 in a Blog called Dear Dear Doctor. It worked then but I have not kept most of these up. They are common sense (which is not so common, I’ve found) actions that I CAN follow. So here they are again, and I’m following them as of 8AM this morning when I stepped on our scale for my first post-holiday season weigh-in. More on that later.

  • Make a list of things I CAN and WILL do
  • Eat healthy
  • Do what my health pros say! (Thanks Dr. Fretz!)
  • I will exercise everyday – as I am able and allowed
  • Look at myself realistically
  • Thank my friends and family daily
  • Shop healthy (buy only treats I won’t eat!)
  • Not deprive myself
  • Drink all my water
  • Pay attention to what my body is telling me
  • Continue to add to this list

Why do I need to keep re-booting myself? Is it so easy to go off the plan? Hell yes! I slide off the plan(s) with great ease when occasions, foods, temptations and pain keep me from doing what I should. I need to go back to not shoulding but doing.

I have new electronic scale and what it told me this morning nearly made me cry. I haven’t weighed myself (on purpose) for over two weeks. I think I thought if I didn’t weigh myself I wouldn’t gain weight. Silly, eh? Well I did. I knew I had been buying, making and eating a lot of heavy calorie foods but did it anyways. I knew I wasn’t exercising enough, either. Sigh, it is common sense that if you take in more calories than you are burning you WILL gain weight. I did. It’s not a huge gain but enough that I have to re-do a milestone. Another deep sigh!

Here I sit, drinking my coffee, writing my future and feeling a wee bit better than I did when I started this. So, thanks for listening and I’ll get back to you, soon.  ;D Diane

Take control


~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on January 4, 2015.

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