Can We Enjoy Holiday Goodies?

Every year I think about all the goodies I will make or buy for the Christmas season. I have been known to make: cookies (short’n bread, shortbread and sometimes gingerbread), tarts (butter tarts, mincemeat tarts, and sometimes tourtiere), peanut butter brownies, Nanaimo bars, cheese balls (great for gifts, too), smoked salmon cream cheese, and I’ve even been known to steam a couple of puddings, too.  Santa DiabetesThere is a big problem with all this holiday goodness – it comes with weight badness.

Norm loves chocolates at Christmas and will go through boxes of them. They lure me closer and closer, how much damage can one little piece of chocolate? It’s a gateway treat!!! This year I have some mincemeat tarts, store-bought shortbread (thanks, Leanne) and little gingerbread boys on a plate in the living room. It’s on the coffee table and that’s quite a ways away from where I sit. So, my laziness works well for me. There’s also a bowl of mixed nuts along with a cracker and shell bowl. I did have a big, opened tin of Belgian, chocolate-covered cookies, too, but they were too consumable. They are now back in the dining room with the lid on. Sigh. I’ve bought pounds of cheese for cheese balls but I haven’t been able to shred the cheddar (say it out loud, it sounds like a euphemism for something else). My shoulder can’t take it and I haven’t tried to find the shredder blade for the food processor – yet. More sighs….

I’m getting into a wee bit of a Bah Humbug Funk. I’ve finished shopping for gifts, picked up the Cook’s (cheap) champagne for the Christmas mimosas, bought the Irish cream for the coffee. I’m told it’s good stuff and I don’t like it, so I’ll be fairly sober to make stuffing!!! But I keep feeling I’m forgetting something.

I can handle a little bit of guilt!

I can handle a little bit of guilt!

I can handle this. I’ll try to enjoy the Christmas goodies in measured, recorded and guilt-loaded amounts. Yes, we can enjoy holiday goodies but we have to look past the goodies to what is really giving us enjoyment. It’s usually the company we’re keeping that truly makes it good. It’s also guilt-free!

Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on December 10, 2014.

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