Have You Taken Your “Before” Picture?

A guy that I work with asked me a while ago if I had a “before” picture. Since I’ve been heavy all my life, all the pictures of me before today are “before” pictures. I think he really wanted to see if I had any pictures of the 300 pound me, my heaviest. I honestly could not remember any pictures that show the weight. I avoid having my picture taken. I consider myself non-photogenic, I look just like myself.

Before and after pic

Now, I’m beginning to consider “after” pictures. But then I have to define “after”…after dinner; after 10 pounds; after a milestone like 90 pounds; after surgery (and I need one to put my guts back behind a wall of muscle) etc. I don’t like posing for pictures and I always feel the need to hide something about myself. It used to be the walker, now it’s my sticky-out tummy. Sigh. I also need to make sure I have make-up on. I haven’t been wearing much in the last month. More sighs.

Oh well, I will contemplate a nice fuzzy “before” picture and I don’t mean fuzzy-good feeling, but fuzzy-who is that. So remember this holiday season, one of the family’s pictures of you could be a “before” picture. ut have fun with it.

Thanks for listening.;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on December 7, 2014.

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