Smiles Go Miles To Losing Pounds

I finally saw my regular doctor on Thursday. Dr Michele Fretz is the wonderful woman who has been helping me for a very long time. We laugh a lot together. For example, Christmas is the bacon season and we do agree on this! She’s even the doctor for my whole family and we are an odd assortment. It seems I’m recovering from the shoulder surgery much faster than expected so she read me the riot act about getting cocky. I learned quite a while ago to listen to what the doctors say. They know what is happening inside me and how I should steer myself to get/keep myself healthy. So this week, I have started to do some weight work. 1 pound in my right hand was a real struggle but it’s helping and I can now climb the wall, to a certain height of course. And the pain killers are on the shelf except in dire need and there hasn’t been much dire need. But the icing on my cake (gratuitous food reference) this week was the news at Dr Fretz’s office that I’d lost 2kg. Holy cow that’s close to 5 pounds and I’m not really sure how that happened. She smiled and joked that it fell off somewhere at physio. I’ll go with that.

Times-Colonist 15/11/14

Times-Colonist 15/11/14

My friends have been sending me cartoons and well wishes and they go far in keeping me from slipping into the dark/useless place where I find food is my only company. But that isn’t happening. I’m smiling. Actually, I’m smiling a lot. I’ll share a few with you. DonateThere are a lot of cartoons about weight loss, lack of it, diets, body image etc. They usually make me smile and sometimes I laugh right out loud! And we know laughing is aerobic exercise. I swear my husband used to breathe out fat at night and I would breathe is in! But its all good. Remember, in this season of giving: donate blood; register for the unrelated bone marrow bank; get tested to be a stem cell donor; or give your time! And thanks for listening! ;D Diane Friends

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