The Turkey Threat!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am making the turkey. I make a very nice turkey and do it at least three times a year. I really like turkey, the fixings and the leftovers. I guess having the family over is nice, too. But truly have to worry about the amount and kind of food I eat with it. My two daughters can actually eat 5 pounds of whipped potatoes if there’s turkey gravy involved. Sigh.

The Ultimate Bacon Turkey - A work of art

The Ultimate Bacon Turkey – A work of art

I’ve bought the sausage for the stuffing I’m making with carrot poppy-seed bread. I have some beautiful yams for the Fireball Yams and Leanne is bringing the veggies and Shauna is bringing the pie and a cake. Yep, tomorrow is also my birthday. This happens quite often for me, that my birthday falls somewhere on the Thanksgiving weekend but only once every 7 years right on the day. So, even though it’s my birthday I will  be making the turkey. But we all know what calories and inactivity turkey days bring. The constant snacking, the leftover sandwiches with lots of mayo, the hot turkey sandwiches with gravy and mashed potatoes and…bread! My goodness it doesn’t stop for almost a week. So, as we head into Thanksgiving I want to give thanks to my family for being there for me through thick and thin (I’m still working on the thin part); to my friends for loving me and putting up with my many moods, hospitalizations and very bad jokes; to my co-workers and students for making feel so wanted, valued and useful. Many thanks to my readers and followers for validating my rantings and thoughts. But I am most thankful to the great power that makes all the world go round. Thanks for listening!  ;D   Diane   Link for recipe for Fireball Yams:

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