Revenge of the Cheese Bread – Pain 9, Weight Loss 4

cheesbreadI’ve been served another refresher lesson about bread and my poor gut. It was a Thursday and we had received our load of wonderful baked goods from Breadstuffs Bakery and there were muffins, scones, bagels, buns, three kinds of multigrain breads and two loaves of cheese bread. Our students had a great time. MMMmmm… me? I know I cannot eat much bread (it seems to create a “Ripley “ that cannot process through my gut very well). I have a childhood love of cheese bread toasted with lots of butter melting into it. I was really good with my eating during the previous week and thought just one piece wouldn’t set me back too far or block my poor intestines. So I toasted one up and it was pure food heaven. I went home and was pretty good, dietarily, all that night. The next day was Friday and at the end of the day we encourage the students to take all the bread and stuff home so it will get eaten and not go bad. Guess what? There were a couple of loaves of multigrain left so I put them in the freezer for Monday but there, sitting and looking directly at me was a whole loaf of cheese bread (sliced, so it was even more attractive). I gave it a home.

I knew it would be a while before Norm was home so I had a couple of pieces, toasted. Mmmm I can still remember the homey, comforting feeling it gave me. So, I had another. I knew I had to stop so I did. But, it was too late, I could already feel the dread block of white flour just below my poor little stomach. Yes, it was stuck in my gut. I wasn’t in pain yet but I knew that would come later if I couldn’t get the stuff to move its way through my digestive system. I went for a short walk, walking would help, right? I came home and had a big drink of water. I was becoming uncomfortable and when I looked down I could see that my stomach area was sticking out farther than my boobs. Oh oh, I was in trouble. Pain was starting, too.

I changed into my size 5X t-shirt (it’s old, hangs down to my knees and I swear I could crawl into it through the sleeve, but I love it) and ancient, very loose exercise pants and went to bed. It takes a long time for food to move through my gut so I massaged my moving lump trying to encourage it to flatten out and move. But our intestines are coiled tubes that go back and forth through an enclosed space trying to use peristalsis to move food along. It takes time and along the way our efficient body takes nutrients out and moves what is left to our colon. Norm had come home by then and I told him I wasn’t feeling good and was going to stay in bed. I got up, took my meds including a nice pain-killer, poured a bedside mug of ice water and crawled into bed and went to sleep flat on my back.

It was a restless, pain-filled night and when I got up in the morning. I wasn’t feeling any better. Sigh, I guess I now had a mild blockage of the innards. I say “mild” because I know what moderate (nasal gastric tube) and a severe (surgery) blockages are. It would pass. So I got myself a fresh mug of ice water, took my meds and went back to bed for all of Saturday.

By Sunday I could get up and do a few things but I got exhausted quickly and managed some yogurt then some home-made soup. But, by suppertime I was ready for bed again and I could feel the wonderful Ripley heading for my transverse colon. (Isn’t it weird when you know way too much about your own body and its processes. I think it’s weird.)

Monday I wasn’t too bad so I went to work and felt better as the day went on and kept to my “good girl” diet. The “good girl” diet is the one where I eat like I’m supposed to and journal it all! My food journal had been pretty empty since Friday. Tuesday went the same way and I managed a nice walk at work, too, twice around the track. On Wednesday I had a doctor’s appointment. Dr Fretz was away for two weeks (Hmmm she’s beginning to take a lot more “breaks” as she gets closer to my retirement age.) so I met with Dr. Smith. I explained about my “Ripley” and he checked my tummy but it was all soft and burbling and that was very good. I got weighed and had lost 4 pounds! Yahoo! Not the way I want to lose weight but I’ll take it. Now I have to work to keep on the downward track.

Good weigh-in

Down 4!

I can do it. I will do it. I’m avoiding the bread again and even managed not to pig out on fry bread this past week. The smell of fresh fry bread drives me to distraction but a well-placed Granny Smith apple helped me over that hurdle. Sorry about the mixed metaphors, I’m on a roll but not a dinner roll.

The next challenge is Thanksgiving and birthday stuff. The Ripley is not invited. Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on October 8, 2014.

2 Responses to “Revenge of the Cheese Bread – Pain 9, Weight Loss 4”

  1. Diane, thanksgiving is one of the toughest days for my diet. I have a love/hate relationship with that day! lol Congrats on your weight loss! That’s always great news. 🙂

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