How To Lose That Baby Weight!

I saw this title in the banner advertising on Facebook and it made me laugh – a lot! I’ve never been able to lose my baby weight and my baby is 30. All the article said was to get active right after you had the baby. Get involved in some sort of aerobic activity blended with weights. You are also supposed to eat healthy (we’ve never heard that before), drink lots of water especially if you’re nursing (they didn’t say whether that was over the recommended 8 glasses or not) and get lots of sleep (with a new baby, HA!). To burn actual weight they suggested that you burn off more calories than you take in (duh).

Then there are all the crunches, lunges, and planking to flatten the stomach. Yikes! Running with the baby (in a very expensive jogging stroller) is also encouraged.

I took yoga before and after my first baby was born and it was nice and she got to be with me in her baby carrier. It wasn’t so easy to do with the second. I did get a fair amount of Toddler Aerobics with Shauna not 2 yet while I was pregnant with Leanne. But I enjoyed every minute of it. Of course there is another way to make sure the baby weight is gone – don’t let them move back in!

Now, to get back my pre-pregnancy body. This will not be possible unless I can steal one. I can lose the baby weight; the 30-something weight; the OMG I’m 40 weight, the CHANGE weight, and maybe I’ll be down even lower than when I got pregnant so many years ago. I’m on my way and I am very positive I can do it.

Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on September 17, 2014.

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