Weighing In On Surgery

Arthritis of the shoulder

Arthritis of the shoulder

I have an appointment with my doctor today and I always get weighed but today is special because I’m getting my pre-op check-up. I’m having my right shoulder replaced on October 17th and it isn’t that far off. I have osteoarthritis in both shoulders but my right is making my entire right arm almost completely useless.

What has this to do with my weight? Good question. It has been scientifically proven that stress, physical, mental and hormonal, actually causes your body to conserve fat for emergencies. It usually saves it in your abdomen. As I look down to my feet, I can see my fat reserves storing up over a huge abdominal hernia.

Sigh! Remember to take care of yourself when you are young and think you are indestructible because it all comes back to haunt you later. I’ll finish this post later, after my doctor appointment and walk with my daughters.

Well, it’s much later and I saw the doctor. Then I went for a glorious walk with Shauna, Leanne and Layla (the dog). After that we had lunch and I went grocery shopping and had to get a couple of prescriptions filled. I lost 8 oz. That’s half a pound. I realize now that I should have saved the weigh-in until after the walk but before the lunch. But it was a loss so that’s nice. I also got my pre-op blood pressure check; eyes and throat check; and yes, I have a heart and it’s working. I also had my height measured and that’s the same as last time. Completely average for a caucasian middle-aged woman approaching her seniority.

chubby woman

I’ve had so many “invasive” surgeries that I have forgotten dates and numbers. I like to think of being in a hospital as a unique spa vacation and as long as I have a catheter and a morphine pump at my command life is dreamy. I am joking because it is very serious and a lot of people are terrified of surgery and the circumstances have been horrifying. I try to think of it as run of the mill for me; how long will it take and will they validate parking?

I need new joints. I need my guts put back together. Eventually I’ll need an abdominoplasty, too, to remove all the flabby skin left over. But the weighing in is a big part of it all. Because I’m so big I need more knock-out drugs and they (the health professionals) think my blood, heart and/or lungs may have problems, too. Usually the worst post surgery issue I have is the terrible coffee and too much light in the room to sleep soundly.  I am admitting that this is the first surgery that is truly scaring me and I don’t know why. I’ve had many and will need many more.

Oh well, I’ve put away all my groceries, thought about what to make for supper and now I’m going to pour myself another big glass of ice water and sit on the deck and read. So, thanks for listening.   ;D  Diane


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