Diet Reboot!

Monday was the last day of my summer. I teach at a school for adults and today is our first work day. Summer officially lasts until September 22nd but the first day of school is the end of summer for most people. Summer is also the time of vacations and overindulgence in food, drink and sun. My sister came to visit for a few days in the last of summer. It was glorious. Our whole family has a weight problem so we commiserated together and then ate lots of “bad” foods. We did do a little bit of walking but not miles. Just a few kilometres while indulging in some retail therapy.

timbits2Since it is the beginning of the work year it is also a great time to focus on my diet and the supportive activities that go with it. Back to journaling my food intake and my exercise output. I have an emotions slot on my food journal but today my emotions are all over the map. I had a great breakfast (yogurt and fruit), healthy mid-morning snack (Baby Bell cheese) and reasonable lunch (pulled pork, 2 crackers, and a nectarine). But the temptations are all around. There are cake, fruit and Timbits for students waiting for registration and someone found me a honey crueller and I had to ear it and I got guilted into celebrating two birthdays. It was carrot cake. Carrots are a vegetable and since I had already had a Timbit I could handle a small piece of carrot cake (inside piece not an edge one with all that extra cream cheese icing).

But now I have to balance that out with exercise. It hurts to do most exercise, so walking with a cane is mostly it now. I can’t use my walking poles because of the pain in my right shoulder, I tried swimming but most strokes also hurt my shoulder or knee. I am a wreck! But the incidental exercise will help me. You know the movements you do all day long like stairs and carrying things. Stairs I can do, slowly and both feet per stair but I can do them. And, I can carry with my left shoulder and arm so I can burn a wee, few calories. I will keep moving and keep my intake down and my our put up. I will re-boot my diet and motivation. You remember the KITA theory of motivation? Kick In The Ass – the true re-boot!

Thanks for listening! ;D Diane

Times-Colonist 30-08-2014

Times-Colonist 30-08-2014

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on September 3, 2014.

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