The Summer Reunion Turkey

I’m on my holidays and in a “Penthouse” suite (On the second floor?) in a lovely complex in Osoyoos, BC, with nine of the best people in the whole world! This is the 40th anniversary of being friends. Six of us worked together at Capital Iron in Victoria and the rest by association and love. It is our reunion and we had our first one here in Osoyoos, with all our kids, 20 years ago. Here’ s to Karla, Rick, Lynn, Randi, Dave, Wendy, Brenda, Doug and Norm!

It’s wonderful to be able to spend a week with people you’ve known for over 40 years but…and isn’t there always a but, I’m having diet issues. I had already had my biscuits and gravy our first morning in the States (half order and still couldn’t finish it all – I can hear the guilt puppies whining at the door) so that was behind me (and now on my behind.). Then there is my food journal, which I am not going to keep on this holiday (puppy whimper here). But… there will be swimming and walking, right?  It will balance out the food and drink, right? I keep telling myself I won’t overindulge but I rarely listen to myself.

Margarita mix in the desert.

Margarita mix in the desert.

During  the  planning stage we  set up a food chart so that six of the dinner nights were the responsibly of the six family units. We had to supply the fixings for the dinner but we can have all the help we want. Twenty years ago, I happened to have an extra turkey in my freezer, so I brought it. Dave brought his rice cooker so we had roast turkey and rice and lots of fresh veggies. I thought it would be wonderful to do a turkey again (we are all on holidays) because I happened to have one in my freezer. But I forgot we were going to Oregon for four days before Osoyoos so I couldn’t bring it from home, it would have been a wee bit fowl. (OK, that sounded better out loud.)  Never mind, I thought, I’ll pick up a cheap one in the States. Did you know that Costco and Wal-Mart do not sell turkeys in the summer? I also checked Canada Customs whether we could transport a turkey over the border or not. It said we had to declare it and all produce and some “meats” were not allowed. So, rather than risking my turkey at the border, I didn’t buy one. But we did buy a lot of beer, wine, and alcohol. Well, I had to buy tequila in Costco because the margarita mix was so cheap and’s made with real limes and nothing artificial!!!

So, I bought my turkey at a local store. Turkeys in the summer a wee bit more expensive than they are at Christmas or Thanksgiving. Wee bit, my ass, they are way more expensive but it was a beautiful turkey and my friends are worth it. Add in the smashed, roasted potatoes; peaches and cream corn on the cob; broccoli and carrots in a red wine vinaigrette; Ms Crocker’s dressing (Betty, that is) and the gravy  made from the drippings, it was a spectacular meal with enough leftovers to make turkey soup and sandwiches for lunches. I had brought cornstarch from home to thicken the gravy in a very clearly marked baggie in case we were questioned about the white powder we were crossing international borders with. No one checked. The turkey was wonderful and the sandwiches the next day, mmmmm. It was worth it and my friends wouldn’t let me do the dishes because I cooked. Nice system. Every dinner so far has been spectacular and more to come.

In fact, diets are out the window for most of us. We’re in the middle of the fruit belt so there is lots of it, but also lots of wine, beer and of course, those naughty snacks like M&Ms, pretzels, etc. Then there are the leftovers. We have been using two suites and this one has a bigger deck where all of us can fit for dinner and a bit bigger kitchen so this fridge is jammed with meat, veggies, fruit, beverages and now leftovers. I think I’ll save the leftovers for the next post.

So, thanks for listening. May the sun shine on you and yours1 ;D Diane

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