Planning the Road Trip

No worries road tripWe leave on our summer road trip next Tuesday and I’m in the planning stage, next stage is panic. We’re aiming for Cottage Grove, Oregon then heading up to Osoyoos, BC, for the 40th reunion of our bunch of friends. I’m so looking forward to this. And the food. OK, the people are more important than the food but I will admit to creating a chart of who is responsible for which suppers and who is bringing what food to share so we don’t end up with 6 jars of peanut butter – all for Norm. And they are all more health conscious than I am

So, I volunteered to cook a summer turkey (a silly tradition from 20 years ago) and I thought it would be easy since I have one in the freezer, then I remembered we’re leaving early and going through the States so I had better not bring that one but…I can buy all the fixin’s in the States at cheaper prices and there is fresh produce in and around Osoyoos. That means I’m making at least three lists for the trip.

Classic 20 oz Bubba

Classic 20 oz Bubba

#1 – Stuff I need on a road trip – cooler, our coffee, sugar, Coffeemate, filters (2 kinds), Bubba mugs, coffee travel cups, sunscreen, Ziploc bags, plastic cutlery, napkins, bathing suits and towels, passports, American $ and wet wipes.

#2 – Stuff for Osoyoos (we’ll bring) – sunscreen, plastic wine glass (Brenda made them and you can’t have glass around the pool),  lawn chairs, PFD (air mattress), Rummoli set, cards and bag of nickels, coffee (Kicking Horse – 454), pancake stuff (dry ingredients in Ziplock), 4 tablespoons of cornstarch (in Ziplock) *NOTE: mark all Ziplocks with contents in case of enthusiastic border guard – both directions.

#3A – Buy in the States for reunion – milk (1% and almond), cheese, turkey, stuffing mix, eggs, cranberry sauce/relish, aluminum roaster, oil, treats, beer, wine, and juice.

#3B – Buy in the States for home – Kmart and Costco – shirts and shorts for Norm, T-shirts etc. for me, more sunscreen, and huge bottles of Kirkland Booze.

Those look pretty good and I’m sure if isn’t on a list I can get it in Osoyoos. The bunch of us always over stock the kitchen so it will be good that we have two suites and thus, two kitchens. I’ll be using the GPS (the Glorious Partners Saving system) and maps for Norm. I’m bringing the tablet to scope out for the two nights we need hotels. We’re basically very cheap. I’ve made reservations on the Sidney-Annacortes ferry and the timing works. I’ll make sure I have all the device chargers and meds we’ll need.chickenvacation

So, thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane


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2 Responses to “Planning the Road Trip”

  1. Sounds like you have all your bases covered. I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest, but it’s on my places to visit.

  2. Thanks, I can almost drive the I5 from border to border. Where abouts are you? I’ve been all over east coast Canada but the north eastern US is on my list.

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