Cold Pizza For Breakfast

It doesn’t get much better than cold pizza and fresh coffee for breakfast on the deck. It’s early on a beautiful Saturday morning in August. The temperature is 20C (70F) and not a cloud in the sky. The hummingbirds are feeding non-stop just over my head and the neighbourhood is quiet. (Insert large sigh here.) Life is good.

The not-so-guilty puppy

The not-so-guilty puppy

Of course this is where the guilt puppy wakes up and whines a wee bit.

“Pizza?” the puppy says, ” Shouldn’t that be yogurt and fresh fruit?”

The puppies should on me all the time. I know pizza is not a good food on my diet but…it’s so delicious; thin, multi-grain crust, carnivore; and I only had one piece last night and there is so much that might go to waste. I have to think about all the starving children, right?

I refuse to let the guilt overwhelm my enjoyment of the moment. I’ve been spending a lot of time on my deck. I know it’s not aerobic exercise but I do know that if I’m on the deck, I’m not in the kitchen, eating. I’ve read all my National Geographics to date and they have their own guilt factor. The garden is almost weed free and we’re eating our own lettuce, arugula and cucumbers. This weekend will bring the first harvest of my golden beets. And they have NO bad carbs!!!!

I’ve been out walking but discovered, when I was out with Leanne and Layla on Wiffin Spit, that I can’t use the walking sticks like before, they hurt my shoulder too much- back to just the cane in my left hand. I’m actually feeling peaceful but..yes, I can hear it starting…a dog is barking. So far just one but within the next 3 minutes there will be at least four dogs creating a chorus of suburban cacophony. Sigh again.

Well, the moment has passed. The rest of my meals today will be healthy and pro-me. I will keep the puppies at bay and do some work around the house while I’m at it. Deep breath in – Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on August 2, 2014.

3 Responses to “Cold Pizza For Breakfast”

  1. I love your post ! 🙂
    Follow me 😉

  2. There’s nothing wrong with cold pizza for breakfast, especially with wholegrain crust and lots of yummy, filling toppings.

    I know this sounds crazy but I actually don’t put cheese on my pizza and I don’t miss it at all. I can take or leave the cheese, for me pizza is all about the base, the sauce and the toppings. The base has to be JUST right and crispy (with a fluffy middle if deep pan). It HAS to have a rich thick herby and garlicy tomato sauce, then I load that up with my fav toppings and it’s honestly SO good. Especially with coleslaw made with yogurt instead of mayo. Occasionally I’ll sprinkle a little Parmesan or ‘nutritional yeast’ (has a cheesy nutty flavour).

    Best brekfast ever!

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