Gluten – I’m an Insensitive Glutton

Gluten has been getting a really bad rap lately. Some people have an intolerance to gluten or are celiac and my heart goes out to them. But do you know what gluten is? Gluten is the PROTEIN of grain! It’s the sticky part of the grain that makes the cake rise and bread hold all the bubbles around the good stuff. Yep, the protein not the fattening starch part. People with celiac disease cannot digest wheat, rye, spelt, or barley but they usually can handle corn gluten and that is in almost every processed food you can imagine. Others may have an allergy or a sensitivity to wheat, not the gluten, but the actual grain. Most food allergies are against the proteins in foods. A milk allergy is about the milk protein not the lactose (milk sugar) intolerance – that’s different. Proteins are the building blocks of cells not the fuel that they burn – carbohydrates are the fuels. And if your body has some extra fat – adding more carbs not proteins will cause your body to add them to your body as more fat for fuel. The carbohydrates in “gluten-free” foods are mostly starch and sugar with the protein (gluten) removed or it was never present. For example, rice, is mostly starch. If you’ve ever cooked rice pasta you know it falls apart if even overcooked a tiny bit – no gluten.

gluten free

But what is really making me miffed is the food trend to disrespect gluten without a good reason. Eating “gluten free” will not help you lose weight if you are replacing your gluten-laden foods with gluten free products. You will be just cutting protein and replacing it with more starch. It’s trendy, a fad, “Gluten Free” on a menu is excellent marketing even if they only mean wheat gluten. 

I actually love certain gluten-laden foods – pretzel buns, foccacia bread, bagels, fresh pasta, and of course, fresh baked bread. But, and it is the omnipresent but”, because I want to lose weight I try to cut out all carbohydrates like starch and sugar. So, this means I don’t get the gluten from wheat either. Sigh! I have a food sensitivity, too but it is to calories. They love me and they are so difficult to burn off after ingested. I am also insensitive to trendoids – people who follow food trends because they saw it on Dr Oz, or their friends say…."Gluten Free" on a menu is excellent marketing even if they only mean wheat gluten.

So, next time if someone says they are going gluten free, ask them if they know what gluten is and why they are avoiding it. The answers may be legit or…trendoid!

Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane



~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on July 16, 2014.

3 Responses to “Gluten – I’m an Insensitive Glutton”

  1. Thank you for the definition! I never thought to actually look it up and find out what it was. I’ve always assumed that gluten was carbs, since it was associated with grain. Excellent post!!! 🙂

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