The Lure of Bacon – No Carbs!!!!!

Eat baconAtkins Diet fans will tell you that if you are addicted to bacon then Atkins is the diet for you. And, the Paleo Diet pusher will tell you that bacon is the chocolate of their world! I just realized that these diets were invented by men but I can almost guarantee that their breakfasts were cooked by women and they knew their men loved bacon.

I love bacon and it has no carbs. I’ve been following a slightly altered “No White Food Diet” for years. Most white food is very high in bad carbohydrates, for example processed flour, sugar, white bread, ice cream, pasta, potatoes, rice etc. If you cut all those out of your diet you will lose weight. Also, those foods have a high glycemic index. That means their carbs can make your blood sugar rise like a rocket. Not good for anyone threatened by diabetes. Bacon has NO glycemic index and it tastes soooo good.

Bacon has become the new vanilla. Yes, it is a very popular flavour and is popping up in very unlikely places like vodka! Yep, vodka and marmalade. Imagine the rich flavour of oranges, brown sugar and bacon. It’s actually slightly spectacular. You can get chocolate covered bacon, bacon in ice cream and bacon flavoured beer (yuk – but I’m still on the wire when I think about a Bloody Caesar with bacon vodka – hmmmm). Bacon and cheddar chips are highly addictive. You have been warned.

bacon typesThere are also may kinds of bacon. Your regular slab of cured and smoked pork belly is wonderful Then it can be flavoured with maple, hickory, brown sugar etc. Sigh. There is Ayeshire bacon, Canadian Bacon, Irish bacon and so on! I’m not even counting turkey bacon, chicken bacon and fake’n bacon (it’s made with soya stuff or coconut –  yeww).

Bacon has a wonderful flavour profile (I’ve been watching the Food Channel again). It can be eaten for any meal and in many snacks. It can enhance foods such as spinach salad, omelettes, and wrap the wonderful fillet mignon. And, the wonderful by-product of bacon, bacon fat, can be used to pop corn, fry potatoes, eggs and actually used to replace butter or margarine in almost any recipe. But..

There’s always a “but” for something as wonderful as bacon. FAT! Yes, bacon is mostly fat. And it’s the really bad kind of fat. Saturated – raise your cholesterol –  fat! Oh well, if was fun when it lasted and like 70% cacao chocolate, I must limit my intake of bacon for the sake of my poor arteries which are pretty good according to my last blood tests.

But, (yes, another but) to hell with the Baconator (too many carbs from the bun) and Red Barn double-smoked bacon will purchased when on sale only. I will enjoy my bacon as a treat and when I can afford the extra calories even though I know it has absolutely no carbs on its own. I will fill myself with veggies and fruit. After all, it is the season. Norm made me a garden and food from the garden is best for us, right?Bacon seeds

Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on July 11, 2014.

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