Heck! It’s Summer Break and I Need a Bathing Suit!

ImageIt’s swimsuit season and I’m in need of an appropriate bathing suit. I have an old one and most of the spandex, elastic and bra have disintegrated. My body is also old and mostly disintegrated, too. I have a prominent abdomen, scars on both thighs, droopy boobs (Nice rhyme, eh?) and very low self-esteem. I would look better in a low neckline than I do in low self-esteem.

But bathing suits are so expensive. $150 for so little fabric. Mind you, this is where us “ample” girls get more for our money.

I did buy a “swim skirt” a couple of years ago to go over my old suit and it did hide a multitude sins – mostly my thigh scars and a wee bit of my tummy. Not that my tummy is wee but it only covers a wee bit of it.

The style not the model!

The style not the model!

I like sarong styles but they don’t cover the upper backs of my thighs. Sigh! I guess I’ll have to keep looking and go through that really embarrassing routine of trying on suits while still wearing your underwear. So flattering. If I had the time and energy I would design my own suit! But, then again, where would I find a bra that would fit in properly?

Oh well, I’ll keep dieting and looking. On line is sort of good but hard to return if it doesn’t work out, but way more styles to choose from. I hate the idea of going into a swimsuit store and standing next to a 17 year old holding two bandaids and a cork.

Thanks for listening! ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on June 30, 2014.

2 Responses to “Heck! It’s Summer Break and I Need a Bathing Suit!”

  1. Who cares what anyone else thinks! Particularly a 17 year old! Wear what you feel comfortable in and go have a swim. That’s what I say to myself anyway!

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