Honour Your Health Challenge – Weak 6 – Done?

We finished 6 weeks of the Honour Your Health Challenge and I did not meet my goal of losing 10 pounds. I did manage to keep up my day-to-day commitment to keep my food journal for every week but I discovered that it doesn’t work any more. I have had some emotional issues come up over the last two weeks and eating is one of my best coping mechanisms and I did it very well. I ate a bit too much of all the bad foods and religiously wrote them down, felt the huge guilt but even the written evidence did not prevent me from continue to eat.

Sometimes the guilt puppies are just waiting!

Sometimes these are excuse puppies but the guilt puppies are just waiting!


The pile of emotional expenditures included: a funeral for a brother-in-law; a cancer treatment hat celebration; a white hat birthday celebration for a former boss and good friend; rushing report deadlines and getting lessons ready for my dedicated students while I will be gone; were only a few. I am also discovering that I have developed a huge anxiety about a trip we have had booked for months. I’m not sleeping well, my tummy gets upset but I eat my through it and seem to function OK in public. At the Gratitude Tea thrown by my friend who survived breast cancer and the chemo, I got be the main speaker ( a wee bit of stage fright since I knew 4 of the over a hundred people there) and hat judge. Everyone had to wear a hat, that meant I had to make one. I actually made 3 but the one I wore was a fascinator make of a giant waterlily and wired ribbon loops and I got to wear it two days in a row. But I also had to judge 24 different categories of hats and award them with chocolate bars and set up the “People’s Choice” awards in 4 separate groups of first and second prizes of giant cookie flowers. Out of a 2 hour party I was on the microphone for an hour and a half and managed to have 4 cups of tea and 3 tiny, gluten-free tea biscuits. No guilt!


The second nicest hat I made after the fascinator!

The funeral was very nice and became a Kirby reunion. Very civilized, and good for all of us, sad but sharing good memories. And lucky for me, the Nanaimo bars ran out before I got to them. But I did indulge in the brie and cucumber finger sandwiches.

The White Hat birthday party was at Evedar’s, the restaurant owned by Fran and her husband. We were celebrating Fran’s birthday. More hats. It was fun and the food was perfect and proportioned perfectly as well. Halibut, salad and I know there were blueberries in the dessert! There was much emotional laughter. Laughter is aerobic, right?

Then there was the celebration to end our 6 Week Honour Your Health Challenge with the awarding of the final sticker on the participants’ chart! We celebrated with vegan pseudo-ice cream and fruit. It was fun guessing everyone’s alias. And…most have volunteered to continue their commitment until the end of the school year. Oh fun, oh joy!

There was also Mother’s Day dinner out with the girls and dinner out for Shauna’s and Leanne’s Birthdays. We won’t be here for Leanne’s but I think she liked the Thai food we demolished. Then they all came back our house for my famous (OK, only in my eyes) strawberry shortcake. I make it with a giant sweet biscuit, fresh strawberries (lightly sugared) and fresh whipped cream. OMG my mouth is watering right now.

MAP-LRG_RhineGetaway_2014_956x690_tcm21-9951But now I’m packing for two weeks away. We’re going to the Netherlands. The first few days to meet with relatives of Norm’s and then on a cruise down the Rhine from Amsterdam to Basel, Switzerland. Yep, one of those Viking river cruises. And…we’re on the boat with 5 of our friends. I understand that every boat has an amazing chef and Viking has its own winery, so all the beer and wine you drink at meals is included.I’m already fatasizing (I wanted to use the word “fantasizing”, but this one came out of my fingers and I think it’s more realistic) about the cheese, butter, fruit and…and…oh heck, I’m fantasizing about all the good food and sights.

So, I didn’t lose 10 pounds, I did lose a couple and I plan to keep on going, but I’ll have to tell the chefs that I can only have “taster” portions but many of them, right? And with my new “walking” shoes I will going on all the shore excursions I can. A mile is mile!!!!

Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane



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