Long Weekend Guilt Puppy Promise

I promise to be as good as I can this weekend.

I promise to be as good as I can this weekend.

Well, it’s the Friday of a long weekend. Friday is typically “Take-out NIght” in my house but today I’m calling it “Bad-for-you-freezer-food Night”. I got hot wings, brie with cranberries in puff pastry, Chinese veggie dumplings and perogies. I know it’s a bit much so maybe I’ll I keep the perogies for another time! I even stopped at McDonalds for a treat on my way but since the guilt puppy was scratching at my brain I only got an iced coffee and…had it made with milk not cream and no sugar syrup. Mmmmm it was good and almost no calories and absolutely no carbs.

We all know that the first long weekend of pseudo summer is filled with driving the highway behind little cars pulling huge trailers; BBQ’s; friends and relatives; beer; cider and much snacking. I even found strawberry rhubarb cider…mmmm… but I’m going to try the cut-up veggies by the gallon in the fridge but the call of the chips and dip will be strong. I also have a birthday dinner on Sunday night. It will be Shauna’s birthday and a celebration of Leanne’s, too, because we won’t be in town for hers in June. Sigh, it’ll be Thai. At least that has lots of low cal veggies/meat options. I’ll forgo the noodles.

A chocolate lily - not the eating kind!

A chocolate lily – not the eating kind!

I even made an appointment to go walking. Yep, walking with a friend. We’re going to do Beacon Hill Park. It’s a fabulous place and I need to see if there are any chocolate lilies left. They’re not the eating kind but very rare and I know where some are in Beacon Hill. I also will cut grass this weekend. It’s on list of acceptable exercise that impresses the neighbours. We have a lot of grass and Norm shouldn’t have to do it all. And lately I can do some and still walk. I usually need a painkiller after but maybe a strawberry rhubarb cider over ice will suffice. (Wow, I am waxing poetic indeed.)

This will be a weekend of much motion and emotion. A brother-in-law of mine passed away last week and we are all full of sadness and memories. But life goes on for the rest of us and calories stop for no one. Food is one of my many comforts. And I want to share that comfort with our families.   Maybe something made with rhubarb.

Thanks for listening. I’m off to pick rhubarb from the garden.  ;D Diane

Long Weekend Owed

The weekend call of food is falling
And sticks me in my diet stalling.
But my taste-buds start a yearning
And in the barbeque a-burning
Cook the burgers, chicken’s turning
On a spit.

Beer and cider we’re a-drinking
While my brain, it is a-thinking,
The many calories and carbos lurking
In food and drink, most disconcerting.
Is my diet really working?
On myself?

Of course it is!!!!

May 16, 2014

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on May 16, 2014.

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