Honour Your Health Challenge – Week Three – YIKES!

This when things start to get hard. The first week of a challenge everyone is gung ho and sticks to the plan. Week two the crowd begins to thin and throw in a holiday like Easter, complete with hams and turkeys, it gets harder for people to do what they said they would everyday for a week. Well we’re into week three – or should I say – I’m into my third week. My 6-week goal was is to lose 10 pounds. My day-to-day pledge is to keep a food journal. I’m still doing it but I seem to allowing  myself to write down things like bread and chocolate eggs.

only-i-can-change-my-lifeTHAT STOPS TODAY!

Instead of writing down the bad things I’m eating I won’t eat the bad things! DUH! See, I know what to do but I’m terrible at following my own advice. I will this week and next and the next!

I saw Dr Fretz on Wednesday and I was up a little bit. Sigh. There were no recriminations but I deserved it. Instead she looked over the pre-surgery hospital and doctor visits I have been doing and reminded me it was time for my pap test. Yuck! But, I know I’m being taken care of so I had better watch what I eat.

And exercise…I need lots of it. My mind thinks of the pain that exercise brings but…I need it. In fact I made myself do some when I got home yesterday. I hadn’t done our regular walk around the track at work because of school work so when I got home I thought I would cut the front grass. But I wasn’t sure I could start the mower because of the stress on my shoulder. I tried and it started no sweat, so, I went in changed into t-shirt, shorts and grass runners (the really dirty ones that I wear for worky type stuff). Out to the front yard and the really tall grass. It has rained and been sunny so the grass was pretty thick and I could only cut a half a strip at a time so lots of pushing, pulling and twice as much walking. It felt great and the grass looked great. It was great exercise. I even got to talk to one of the neighbours I usually only see mid-summer when the whole neighbourhood is outside. It was a great opportunity to have nice grass and aerobic/strength-building exercise. Then…

The pain came. My knee is still killing me the next day and my shoulder hated me all night. I’m trying not to think of this as punishment. I was doing good. It was good for the yard, and me but the side effects are mean. I’ve learned something new about myself. I’m going to have to do it by trial and error. I’m good at the error stuff but I’ll have to try different exercise as I go. I still like the dance option, but I won’t be jiving anytime soon! I will be journalling though. And every day of the challenge. Today – no chocolate will be seen by my journal. This is my “Do” list for today!be awesome

Thanks for listening.  ;D   Diane


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