Easter Chocolate Has No Calories

choc eggI wish!

Happy Easter to everyone. It is a holiday in the traditional sense holy-day! We celebrate it with chocolate eggs, new clothes and magnificent dinners with family. I can get through the turkey dinner with a minimum of bad carbohydrates but the chocolate will be difficult. My boss gave us all chocolate truffle-filled real eggs. I’ve saved mine for today because I truly believe/wish that Easter chocolate has no bad carbs or calories. I also found where she got them and bought one for each person who will be at dinner tonight. They make a lovely picture in the middle of the dining room table.

laura secord eggIt’s amazing the things we grow up with and are not ready to let go of when we are adults – like Easter chocolate. My Aunt Pat used to send us Laura Secord eggs every Easter and we would get a slice whenever we craved some. They were big and too rich to eat all at once. This way my Mom got them to last for at least 3-4 days. Up until 2 years ago, I would hide little chocolate eggs all over the house for the girls to find. Yes, they are grown women but you should see them hunt those sweet little things down and put them in their baskets. Yes, I still give them baskets at Easter. But we don’t buy them new clothes. They can do that themselves.

It is spring and everything is renewed. I counted my blessings this morning and I have many. It’s cloudy and threatening to rain but I feel wonderful and full of love and hope for everyone. I want to dance. Yep, I will need the aerobic exercise. So as soon as Norm is up, I will put on the music and do my housework and dinner prep while dancing through the house.

Thanks for listening and wish with me that the calories in Easter chocolate will disappear.   ;D   Diane



Dance Like No One is Watching !00:46

Dance hoot



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  1. Would be a dream come true lool 🙂

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